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why resign??????????

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    This whole discussion has gone into outer-space.  She wanted you to look at the position at the beginning of the thread, and see if anyone could fathom why THAT opponent resigned THAT game.

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    Well, no one could figure it out, so what's left then but to post silly nonsense and berate the OP?

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    may be your opponent bored....Smile

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    maybe the boss was coming.

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    Vease wrote:

    Weird, I assume white has just played Nxf5 but I don't see anything disastrous for black if they take it.

    I once had somebody resign after 9 moves 'because I'm bored'..

    That happens, you just start a game and get bored of it, and realize you make the wrong decision to start it, and you have a better thing to do,so you resign.

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    No-Plan-B wrote:

    maybe the boss was coming.

    that's funny reasonLaughing..i play chess online for 3 days with this guy  

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    guys, let´s drop it. it isn´t worthy

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    R0BERT1 wrote:

    Eureka! I've solved it...your opponent was hypnotised by your beauty and you compelled him to click the resign button. Naughty Nathalie!

    Thank you Robert.. if you think i am beautifulTongue Out

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    Maybe cute kittens would cheer him up?

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    DrSpudnik wrote:



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