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Event Chess Game (vickalan - Martin0)

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    This is an event chess game between @vickalan and @Martin0.


    Game rules:

    Game starts like a normal chess game with 2 additional rules:

    1. Each player may once/game start an event during his turn before making a move (Just say "start event").

    2. A player may not capture more than 2 pieces that are not pawns before starting an event (This is to make sure both players need to start an event).

    Note that each player starting one event means a game will become a combination of 2 events.

    Other rules of this game are identical with rules of classical chess.


    When an event starts it will be chosen randomly from over 100 events and consists of some sort of rule changes to the game. More about event chess can be read here. This will be the first time an event chess game is played in a forum.


    vickalan will play white. Good luck!

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    Hi Martin0, this should be fun and interesting.happy.png

    I'll open with:


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    Hi vickalan. Yeah, this will be very interesting indeed.


    I guess we'll start with normal diagrams and then we can switch to images with diagrams if we need to later.

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    Thanks Juny for watching.happy.png

    My move:


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    Thanks @JunyJunebug



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    Ok, I'd like to draw an event now.happy.png

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    Event # 112 Heavy Rooks


    Rooks get limited movement. They can move a maximum of 2 squares forward; 1 square to the side and 1 square backwards. The only exception is castling which works as normal. Pawns and knights can no longer capture rooks.



    The highlighted squares show the squares which the rooks can move to. Black can not capture whites rook with either his pawn or knight. However, white is able to capture blacks rook with his bishop.

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    Does that explanation sound clear? I have never tried this event before. happy.png

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    The event lasts for the rest of the game. It will be simultaneous with the event I will start later.

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    No, I can start one event each game, while vickalan can start one each game. 2 in total.

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    Good rules for the rooks. Rooks often don't come into play until later in the game, so it will be a while to see their influence.


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    glad to hear you like the rules.


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    Start event

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    I am following this game! I would like to see this as it progresses, and to understand better the ways of Event Chess.

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