IncrediBill vs zrylam (with kibitzers)

John_D wrote:

I also would like to know if you start up a game.

I think this is a good initiative, it helps understand a lot of thoughts behind the moves.

If this were a tournament game, or one where the loser buys the beer, then playing Qc7 would leave Black no choice but to initiate the perpetual checks and force the game into a Draw situation.

I have been in a number of games where I had a clear upper hand, only to have my opponent force the game into a Draw.  It almost felt like a loss, because I allowed my opponent to escape when I was so close to victory.  We all watch out for that accidental Stalemate situation, but what about the one where your opponent can thwart your victory by forcing a Draw.

As long as @zrylam has his Queen lurking just above my King, he has that option of forcing a Draw.  Now that I have played Qc3, I have eliminated that possibility.  The only thing that can happen now is that we exchange Queens if he puts my King in check.


Mainline_Novelty wrote:

I'll play you stubborn_donkey

Do you wanna be black or white? White opens the thread (with the first move in the first post) :)



This is getting popular!!!


All the best with your games, everyone! I can't seem to find a problem with the capture and seeing as no-one's suggesting otherwise, my next move is: 

35. ...Rxd6



Yea, I'd play if anyone is interested :D


@zrylam's last move, 35...Rd6 in Post # 228, has just put me down a pawn.  Not the end of the world, but I would certainly like to even things up again, considering that we are coming to the end of the game.

I could play 36.Qh8+ and force his King off the back rank, and then follow that up with the capture of his h7-pawn (evening things up) and saving tempo by putting him back in check again.

However, I do not like the idea of his doubled up Rooks bearing down on my singular Rook.  One slip up from me, and I could end up losing both of my Rooks in a lopsided exchange. 

Also, I do not like the idea of taking my Queen off of the third rank and leaving myself in the situation where my opponent could force a draw through a series of perpetual checks.  (See Post #221 and then Post #223)

I think the best option for me right now is to exchange his d6-Rook with my d1-Rook.  After that, I can worry about evening up the pawn situation.  Unless someone can come up with a different option, then I will make the Rook exchange my official move tomorrow.


As I pointed out in Post #230, I did not like the idea of his doubled up Rooks bearing down on my one lone Rook.  I will therefore do an exchange with him before worrying about evening up the pawns.

My official move is . . . . . . .36.Rxd6



I really really want to capture back with the Rook but both those diagonal pins look devastating so my next move is:

36. ...Qxd6


@zrylam had a 50-50 choice as to whether to recapture the Rook with either his Queen or his other Rook.  Between the two choices I think he made the better one.  If he had captured with his Rook, then the game could have unfolded as follows:

Of course, @zrylam is a lot smarter than to let the above sequence unfold exactly as I have suggested above (I was just rushing through some quick moves and scenarios).  However, I think that it does show that capturing with his Rook was the weaker of the two choices.

As far as the choice of capturing with the Queen . . . . . . . . ?

Well that is what we are about to find out.



Prior to the Rook exchange we just did, my plan was to even things up by avenging my pawn.  (I am currently down one pawn)  I don't see any other lines of attack, so I think the best option would be to avenge my pawn and get my Queen in behind the enemy lines.  I think it puts me in a better position as well.  So my plans are to move my Queen onto the h8 square and give check, followed by capturing the h7-pawn and giving check again.  Unless someone has a different strategy, then that is what I will make as my official move later tonight.


I've had 24 hours to run through some different scenerios, and the best move I seem to keep coming back to is the idea I expressed in Post #234.

Therefore, my official move is . . . . . 37.Qh8+


@zrylam is once again left with two possible choices, either moving his King to the e7 or f7 square.  In either case, I will be responding with 38.Qxh7+, creating the positions below.

If @zrylam just wants to jump straight to his move #38, and continue from the above position, then that is fine with me.


Your move has triggered a conditional move!

37. ...Kf7 (just in case you play Qg7+ or f3 etc.) 38. Qxh7+

i haven't completely ruled out the alternatives yet so i'll leave it here for the moment


38. ...Kf6


With the exception of @zrylam playing 38...Ke6, I had already planned on playing 39.Rg1, whether he moved his King to the e8, f8 or f6 squares.  I actually expected him to move to one of the back rank squares which, I think, would have ultimately cost me my b6-pawn.

Now that he has decided to move his King to the f6-square, I think that moving my Rook to the g1-square is warranted, now, more than ever, because it will allow my b6-pawn to live.

Here is how the game currently stands:

Unless someone has a different idea than 39.Rg1, I will make that my official move later tonight.


As I outined in Post #238.  My official move is . . . . . . 39.Rg1

Here is where the game stands:



That is a very good move. I did not see that one. It will be interesting to see what @zylam is answering.


ohnoes... I only played Kf6 because the other options looked terrible so any suggestions would be handy right about now


well now no option is not an option so let's just try out 39. ...g5 then, shall we?


perhaps Qh5