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Computer Analysis

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    Please forgive what is probably an over asked question however I've searched the forum and only found really old threads on this. Having used the computer analysis once on here I found it to be really helpful and I am thinking of upgrading my account to take advantage of this and other benefits (I'm new to the site and still finding my way around). In the meanwhile however, I was wondering if there are any good computer engines that will do the same that I can download. I especially like the feature comments here and the +/- positional analysis, whether this is a common feature of them I don't know?

    I have spent about the last two hours searching the internet and reading various things but I have not found what I am looking for, or the suggestions are from 2008 etc. I downloaded Arena 3.0 and managed to input at game for an analysis but I couldn't work out how to get the thing to work properly - it also froze the computer!

    Any other suggestions would be welcome, thanks.

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    You shuld first think about what exactly do u need ? Do u expect that analysis give u some verbal information ? like ( "This move was a blander" ) or can u use point evaluation ? Do u need some engine suggested variation for almost every move ? etc. You need to be exact in requrements so that we can see what is your real problem . 

    Am not using arena but i have used it before and it worked fine for me . Also i would suggest that self analysis without engine is much , much more usefull . 

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    Thanks, I just want a general analysis like with system here. I agree that looking through your own games is useful too and I have started to do that, but you can only take that so far and I would like to see the suggestions of a computer engine (that I can work).

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    I find the computer analysis on this website to be arbitrary and it often suggests a lengthy series of moves that your opponent is expected to follow in order to reach a desired result.  In my last game the analysis flagged as wrong one of my final moves, and suggested a better (?) move that could have checkmated my opponent in 5 more moves.  However, in the actual game, I gave fewer options to my opponent and checkmated in 4.


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