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    blowerd wrote:
    hicetnunc wrote:
    blowerd wrote:

    Rg8 was played to stop the knight fork, and now the knight on g5 for white has no job.  It was an OTB game played with long time controls. 

    eddysallin I was black in the game.  I am assuming you mean those moves for my opponent to do. 

    Ok, but Nxf7 is not really a threat at this point, as f7 is protected by your king. So I think a simple developing move such as 5...Bg7 is fine. If white goes 6.Nxf7, you play Kxf7 and say thank you

    Obviously Nxf7 is not a threat at this point.  But it could be if white plays Bc4. 

    Yep, but after 5...Bg7 6.Bc4 you can castle which protects f7 with your rook as well.

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