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HELP, my endgame is horrible.

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    You blame that on the "double pawn weakness"?! 

    I think the check/double attack is probably the culprit, but I'm just an amateur.

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    CalamityChristie wrote:

    sacrificing always gives an advantage ?

    what if the person miscalculated the sacrifice ?

    when i said "sacrifice", it was tongue-in-cheek.

    surely this is the only website where you have to explain comments like that ?


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    paulgottlieb wrote:

    I don't know if this will help, but really great endgame players like Rubinstein and Capablanca were never above pocketing a free Queen early in the game. They found that it reduced the technical problems in the endgame

    True but it would still take Capablanca 50 moves to win.

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    Sigh, life is futile. Thanks to everyone that replied with an answer to my question. Thank you for the links LisaV.

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    Wow, thanks yeres30. That's cool.

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    18.Qe5+ with a quick mate

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    I can't look at this! The horror!
    If you having trouble with checkmate and stalemate:

    "If they are in check, it will not be stalemate."

    So put them in check repeatedly? Maybe that'll eventually work for you! 

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    That sounds like a terrible idea Cliff.

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    Nietzsche, I'm not a very advanced player myself and other people have done a great job analysing your game. I just want to tell you forget about the sarcasm and insults. The first game I ever posted on the forums was when I was ranked in the 600s (now 1150s). I think two people out of ten or so actually tried to help me instead of giving a sarcastic or insulting response. So don't sweat it, you're getting a lot of good advice here.

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    Thanks Bellomy. I have a sense of humor, so I enjoy the sarcasm. I did get some great advice! Congrats on the improvements you've made! I'm probably about 600, but I have absolutely no clue. I can easily beat the computer on beginner, but lose everytime to easy, lol. However, I do see an improvement already thanks to the suggestions on this thread.


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