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Good Bye Steve Jobs!!

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    It has taken me a while to become a member here because early on, this site was not so friendly with mac computers many years ago.

    Needless to say, one of the beauties of this website today, is I can be on my mac computer or PC, then jump to my iPad, or be on the road with my iPhone... and I don't miss a move today.

    I am sad that he has passed on, he will be missed. I am a huge mac fan, and without a doubt, he has completely influenced this chess community and the developers here!!

    So... Steve Jobs, rest in peace! You have changed the world and you will forever be remembered!! This chess community is grateful for your creativity and your visions!!

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    In Heaven the words Goodnight or Goodbye is never said, so Good Morning Steve. We know the infinite innovator GOD has so much to show you. You will be surely missed on Planet Earth, but your good works will never be forgotten... plato

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    Archaic71 wrote:



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    checkmateibeatu wrote:
    Archaic71 wrote:



    That was a good one! Laughing

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    They really seem to confuse technology with plastic cases :D.

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    I had heard before that Obama was a Jobs-killin' President, but this is pretty blatant.

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    They took our Jobs!


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