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    Sometimes I get into this position and then I get screwed.  What do I do? I'm black.

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    Don't put yourself in that position!

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    best shot is probably d5! 

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    Play the theory. Ether ...d5 or Bc5 are good moves. If you want to play this position, you must learn the theory.

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    There's prob nothing wrong there.  Just play lots of games.  Lose a lot maybe -- win some -- maybe.  And there is no substitute for experience -- board craft.  What they do to you -- you'll learn to do against others.  Enjoy it.

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    Further, I see white has two pieces onto one of your pawns.  Always look out for this situation BEFORE your opponent's next move.  No worries -- do the same to someone else.

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    ok i play this a lot pick up the two knights defence by jan pinski also the best move is d5! and watch out after you play d5 he might play something like this (one of my games as white)

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    I think you should play d4 to block the bishop

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    zac-koifish123 wrote:

    I think you should play d4 to block the bishop

    Too late.  It's white's move.

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    Ok, these responses are all wrong, except for the one saying d5 r Bc5 are correct. D5 is the best move. After exd5, Na5, Bb5+, c6, dxc6, bxc6 Be2, h6, Nf3, e4, black is fine

  • #11

    I think its called the fried liver. So now you can research yourself.

  • #12

    Play Be7 before Nf6 that way you can castle out of this.

    If you want this position, most common is d5 and after exd you play Na5.

  • #13

    yeah but waffle master what if white plays c3 and then Qb3 then the attack on f7 is still strong

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    champ_weller wrote:

    yeah but waffle master what if white plays c3 and then Qb3 then the attack on f7 is still strong

    White doesn't get two moves in a row though.  Both h6 and d5 for black are fine, meanwhile white's blocked his c3 square from his knight.

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    well yeah but i was just saying c3 and Qb3 are main lines i am keeping an open mind i play those a lot but only after i play d4 and have a foot hold in the center but my knight like you said is blocked off and i find it hard to develop him can you help with that lol you are a much better player than i

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    Oh, I didn't know they were book moves or anything, what I posted is as far as my opening knowledge goes, I don't play Bc4 as white anyway :)  (And I never play 1...e5 as black).

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    yeah a lot of the italian game and evans gambit and two knights is all about attacking the king side f7 or the king in the middle of the board before attacking it is very clever and can lead to tactical or positional play its awesome if you ever get the chance dable in Jan Pinskis The italian game and evans gambit and his other book is just about the two knights

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    I try it our occasionally against a player at my club to mix things up from time to time.  Sometimes the two knights has accidental gotten me into really sharp positions without me even meaning to do it... because I don't know almost any book (neither does he) it feels pretty adventurous most of the time :)

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    OK on the more serious note. The mainlines go along like this... you can study a lot of games online 

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    This is the theory behind d5

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