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Is chess for smart people?

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    What is the best move for white? I was in this position once but could not decide which was the best move. Can anyone help?


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    Which piece should i move?wink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.pngwink.png

    • Bishop
    • Rook
    • Pawn
    • Queen
    • King
    • Knight
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    isabela14 wrote:

    In the world of chess players, anyone below their ratings are dumb and anyone above "feels" smart. For non chess players, yes they see us as look smart for seeming to be thinking and solving complex puzzles.

    This is a wrong type of mentality that can surmount to foolishness. Carlsen beat Bill Gates who is currently the richest man in the world by 12 seconds. Bill Gates had 1 min 10 sec left and Carlsen had 18 seconds and so used the 12 seconds to defeat Gates. So before you call lowly rated players dumb know that Bill Gates can by Carlsen and the twelve generations before his existence to serve him so stop judging people. Actually according to Forbes most great chess players are not that great at business. So before you call yourself smart or think you are a genius think again and this goes to other people in this group because the world works different. So next time you judge people get your facts right.
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    Why does light travel faster than sound.... To permit the American to appear bright before he speaks....Yes! .... Ask a stupid question to get an intelligent answer.

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    Good chess = good memory = smart

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    the point of chess is for people who like chess to play..? 

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    but then it takes a lot of strategy and planning which in turn makes you smart
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    @Happysis bf4 to bh6


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