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Not improving in chess

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    Atomic_Rift wrote:

    I kept (notice the past tense) thinking I have the same problem. I used to wonder on chesskid.com why my rating wasn't going up at all! Because everyday I read tactic books, puzzle books, openings for 3 hours, and played and replayed tons of games! But my Dad told me (I play him everyday) that my play has been improving day by day as he plays me. So just because my rating wasn't going up and I felt like I wasn't getting better the people around me noticed my style of play was getting better. Does that help? :)

    y ur ratin not gon up???

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    "MR MSteen ..hi i just jumped from 1300 to 1500 rating in six-seven months or so ...:)only two months being premium ..i play atleast four hours a day ..in just two months of bein premium ...i pratctice 8 percent of chess mentor ..repeteadly until i get used to it ...chess tactics ..around 95 hours ..not to mention on how many games i played :) .now i dont have credit card to recharge it ...and seein my enthusiastic ..my friend s ready to recharge me ...he even planned to open a credit card just for me ..xd ..well its not easy ..but can be done ;)

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    probably i should be next to computer 4 impossible ...in playin high number of matches for this six months :DD ...after tastin premium ..i dropped my speed little bit ..bec i feel it s more a better method than normal tryin :)

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    TetsuoShima wrote:

    Msteen i dont believe that.

    I'm sure you don't, but you missed my key word: "unless." I fully believe that every one of us is capable of great improvement in all kinds of areas, regardless of age. But what keeps the vast majority of us back is not lack of talent but BAD HABITS. Our behaviors become so ingrained over time that it takes a tremendous act of will to overcome them.

    It doesn't matter if you're starting an exercise program, learning to play the piano, getting better at chess, etc. You're fighting against a lifetime of habits and behaviors that have kept you from that goal up to now.

    And in musical instruments and chess especially, ever bit of improvement places increased demands on you for the next step in improvement. Someone who has never lifted weights, for example, can start out with an hour a day of light lifting and gradually work up to some pretty impressive poundages without ever going over an hour a day.

    Someone who wants to achieve professional status at the violin or over the chessboard, though, is not so fortunate. Whereas the hour a day was more than sufficient in the early stages, it becomes woefully inadequate as we progress. And unless you overturn those old habits and adopt completely new ones, you just ain't gonna get there.

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    What have you done to improve?

    With online chess, how long do you analyze before you move?

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    kikvors wrote:

    What have you done to improve?

    With online chess, how long do you analyze before you move?

    Um... depends on the move! :)


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