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    Hi pawn pushers,

    I got a great one for you today. As you have probably realised by now, I am a great lover (of wind ups). Since I have been labled as a 'bad taste' merchant in recent posts I thought I would try going high brow for once. Anyway, while I have been sitting here waiting for my lady to go into labour, to kill the boredom I thought i would try a bit of wordplay. The deeper I delved the funny it bacame. For instance,I anagrammed my user name and came up with NOT GAYS. Then i tried my real name (Antony Gaskin) and i found ANNOYING TASK. This whet my whistle and so far I have come up with gems like stacybearden =bad  scary teen, Andrew t Jones = a nerd owns jet, batgirl = glib rat and murshid = dim rush. I even tried my partners name (Carol Baker) and came up with 'back rear lo' and 'a bra locker'. I found these more amusing than she did but anyway... lets have some of yours.

    Cheers folks! 

     This is so much fun...

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    Pretty cool!
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    Another example would be syrianchessmaster =starchy smeariness. Any more for any more?
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    Metroid Prime = Dime Importer
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    Superman 64 = Nap Serum 64

    Metal Gear = Gamer Tale

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    William Shakespeare = I AM A WEAKISH SPELLER
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    Wow that last one was pretty cool! 

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    Thank you. how about, Madonna Louise Ciccone = OCCASIONAL NUDE INCOME.
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    King_William = I am killing W

    ?? Strange

     TonyGas, how's the labour going?

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    Still waiting King Bill. We got to go to see the midwife today and she is gonna fiddle with the missus so hopefully that will start her off. I bloody hope so anyway. Thanks for asking and nice anagram!
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    chin sog lie.... inch goes li... i lose gin ch...

     oh well... good luck with the labour Tony... er... that sounds weird.

    Tag Sony 

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    Thank you very much oginschile...or should I say ICING HOLES..LONGISH ICE..or HOE SLICING!
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    Pawnshover.. A PERV SHOWN!
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    The George Michael one's class. I'd he'd love icing holes too... keep them coming Gay Snot.
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    Gay Snot...excellent! I tried yours e-check and apart from the word CHEEK, which you obviously have in abundance, I could find nothing. How about this one for a cracker though: WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART = A GERMAN, FAMOUS WALTZ GOD!

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    Hahaha!! "Gonna Ask Tiny"!! Nice one Murshid. Is that what you say when you need to take a slash Tony? Laughing


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    Hahahaha. V funny. Your user names are a bit lame to find any good ones but i did come up with 'man from bangladesh = madman bong flasher, and, 'echeck fom chester = chefs meeker crotch'. How about you two give me your real names so we can have some fun with them?
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    Susan Polgar - A gal in spurs

    Vladimir Akopian - I nail a dim Karpov

    Vishy Anand - Vain and shy

    Boris Gelfand - Sore, blind fag

    Gary Kasparov - Gray as karpov

    Nigel Short - English rot

    Tigran Petrosian - Resignation trap

    openings - pins gone

    checkmate - meek check

    Alexei Shirov - Hi, I've oral sex

    Raymond Keen - One dark enemy

    George Bush - he bugs Gore

    William Shakespeare - I'll make a wise phrase

    Howard Stern - wonder trash

    Woody Allen - a lewd loony

    Humphrey Bogart - Hyper Rambo thug

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    Interestingly, I did an anagram for my name and came up with what I had for dinner:  31 sm rat fillets.


    If it weren't for that damned 3, I'd be:  1 tall mister in SF

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    Hi Gay Snot. Good idea. My real name is Frank Wucke. Unfortunately it's not very good for anagrams, but feel free to have a go.

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