Hi pawn pushers,

I got a great one for you today. As you have probably realised by now, I am a great lover (of wind ups). Since I have been labled as a 'bad taste' merchant in recent posts I thought I would try going high brow for once. Anyway, while I have been sitting here waiting for my lady to go into labour, to kill the boredom I thought i would try a bit of wordplay. The deeper I delved the funny it bacame. For instance,I anagrammed my user name and came up with NOT GAYS. Then i tried my real name (Antony Gaskin) and i found ANNOYING TASK. This whet my whistle and so far I have come up with gems like stacybearden =bad  scary teen, Andrew t Jones = a nerd owns jet, batgirl = glib rat and murshid = dim rush. I even tried my partners name (Carol Baker) and came up with 'back rear lo' and 'a bra locker'. I found these more amusing than she did but anyway... lets have some of yours.

Cheers folks! 

 This is so much fun...

Pretty cool!
Another example would be syrianchessmaster =starchy smeariness. Any more for any more?
Metroid Prime = Dime Importer

Superman 64 = Nap Serum 64

Metal Gear = Gamer Tale

William Shakespeare = I AM A WEAKISH SPELLER

Wow that last one was pretty cool! 

Thank you. how about, Madonna Louise Ciccone = OCCASIONAL NUDE INCOME.

King_William = I am killing W

?? Strange

 TonyGas, how's the labour going?

Still waiting King Bill. We got to go to see the midwife today and she is gonna fiddle with the missus so hopefully that will start her off. I bloody hope so anyway. Thanks for asking and nice anagram!

chin sog lie.... inch goes li... i lose gin ch...

 oh well... good luck with the labour Tony... er... that sounds weird.

Tag Sony 

Thank you very much oginschile...or should I say ICING HOLES..LONGISH ICE..or HOE SLICING!
Pawnshover.. A PERV SHOWN!
The George Michael one's class. I'd he'd love icing holes too... keep them coming Gay Snot.

Gay Snot...excellent! I tried yours e-check and apart from the word CHEEK, which you obviously have in abundance, I could find nothing. How about this one for a cracker though: WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART = A GERMAN, FAMOUS WALTZ GOD!


Hahaha!! "Gonna Ask Tiny"!! Nice one Murshid. Is that what you say when you need to take a slash Tony? Laughing


Hahahaha. V funny. Your user names are a bit lame to find any good ones but i did come up with 'man from bangladesh = madman bong flasher, and, 'echeck fom chester = chefs meeker crotch'. How about you two give me your real names so we can have some fun with them?

Susan Polgar - A gal in spurs

Vladimir Akopian - I nail a dim Karpov

Vishy Anand - Vain and shy

Boris Gelfand - Sore, blind fag

Gary Kasparov - Gray as karpov

Nigel Short - English rot

Tigran Petrosian - Resignation trap

openings - pins gone

checkmate - meek check

Alexei Shirov - Hi, I've oral sex

Raymond Keen - One dark enemy

George Bush - he bugs Gore

William Shakespeare - I'll make a wise phrase

Howard Stern - wonder trash

Woody Allen - a lewd loony

Humphrey Bogart - Hyper Rambo thug


Interestingly, I did an anagram for my name and came up with what I had for dinner:  31 sm rat fillets.


If it weren't for that damned 3, I'd be:  1 tall mister in SF

Hi Gay Snot. Good idea. My real name is Frank Wucke. Unfortunately it's not very good for anagrams, but feel free to have a go.