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Abusive players

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    I played a very rude person yesterday and have now blocked him from playing me again. My suggestion is to give blocked points, so if a player gets blocked by other players so many times he can first be given a warning (made public) and if contuing points are made against the player then they are banned from the site. If this was all made public then it would also be a deterent to other abusive players.

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    Trouble is , this "blocking + finger-pointing  somebody for being a jerk" is rather subjective.

    For instance => I play a lot of blitz on other servers and I get censor+blocked if somebody lost to me messily and didn't take too kindly when I refused his "angry" rematch request (followed by comments that I was a lucky @#$@#).  I am not obligated to accept, unless I might enjoy playing him again.

    What I did may or may not be "courteous" by your moral standards regarding "accepting rematches"  but does that warrant me getting "block points", by your suggestion?

    Allowing members to flag (ostracize?)  other members for what they think is abusive behavior is a slippery slope and best handled by admins who can be more objective about abusive behavior.  

    Besides, once you blocked him, you won't hear from him again and if he tries to push his boundaries, report him to an admin.

    Chess.com does a great job of booting out abusive players from this server.

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    Yes I see your point.  

    Someone like this abusive player would probably get blocked many times in a short period of time, he was calling me names before the 6th move!! I'd only said hi Frown 


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