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Being able to use a DGT Board

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    I got my new DGT board yesterday and I was playing around with playchess.com, however I really like chess.com and would prefer to play with the board here.

    So I was thinking about some possibilities and I might get a solution to use the board with chess.com. By using the Windows plattform it is possible to move the mouse or trigger events like clicking on the screen without a direct user interaction. This means someone could still use the browser for playing chess.com, but additionally uses a software which converts the DGT input into a mouse move and click sequence. As a result one could play without having a direct interface to chess.com . 

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    hi iceman . if you get it figured out please show us .we'd be forever grateful

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    Iceman, please let us know if manage to use the DGT e board on chess.com.  I honestly like to the look of Playchess.com and Babaschess (FICS) over chess.com.

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    I had some time today and so I have coded a first test version implementing my suggestion. I used the RabbitPlugin Dll from DGT, everything else was quite straight forward. Here's a small video showing the result. Done blame me for the opening happy.png


    It shows the chess.com browser interface and the RabbitPlugin dialog on the laptop where my test program runs in the background.


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    Nice work IcemanRocks you have skills everyone with DGT on the chess.com site has been wishing and wanting to use their board

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    Testing now my first version and I'm very pleased with the result happy.png 


    It's a small application which you start before you play on chess.com. In this version you need to know the chess.com board position on your screen in pixels, and then you define your color by pressing the appropriate button. After that you simply go to your browser tab of chess.com, and your ready to play. It's a very general program as you can use it also for other programs, e.g. the chessbase online app, which otherwise would not support the DGT board.

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    To store the different screen settings I have included a preset list, which you can modify and adjust to your configuration. Furthermore I found out that for using the Chessbase online app it's better to simulate a drag and drop mouse behaviour, instead of a single click.


     After playing some 5min Blitz games my feeling is that it works quite stable. To setup a game, just start the chess.com game in your browser. After you have got your colour just press Play White or Play Black in the ChessGuard dialog. Click back to the browser and your are ready to go. Because in chess.com your color is chosen randomly, sometimes you have to  turn the real board. I found out that before getting in too much of a hurry you can simply play the first two moves on the browser, turn your real board and move the pieces here and then start playing on your DGT.

    Another interesting thing is that if you do lessons or tactics, the board can also be used. Simply put the chess pieces on the board and use the Start/Stop Setup from the DGT board ( removing and placing kings back to the board to define a new chess position ). After that just press Play White/ Play Black and your ready to go.    

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    I have improved now the setup routine, you don't need to type in numbers any more - just leftcklick with your mouse on the topleft and bottomright positions of the screen board. Presets for these positions are stored and you can use up to five for different portals or programs. Here's a short video from the current setup procedure.




    Right now I do not get direct information about the move played on the browser in my program, so speech announcement will not work. However if you choose the sound option in chess.com you get a sound when the opponent played a move and then you have to place the piece ( so you can really concentrate on the board and look on the computer only when it's necessary ).


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    wow this is an epic development.  People were wishing for years and Iceman comes in out of nowhere to make this work?  Crazy.  Massive props!!

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    I know crazy what iceman has accomplish, too bad the chess.com staff did not do this sooner.

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    Some more progress in this project: I have installed a small website on




    The idea is to provide information and a download link for a test version. This first test version will have a limitation of 20 moves, after that the application is closed. I decided to do this not from a commercial point of view, but to be able to still have some control in this very early stage of development.

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    Steps further: I have implemented now a move recognition algorithm, which analyses the current position and displays the moved from the opponent. If a DGT clock is connected to the board then this is also transfered to the clock. This enables someone to play really without looking at a computer screen.

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    Iceman you rock!  LEGENDARY!  Guess DGT is gonna sell a few more of these hella expensive boards lol


    And if you aren't planning on selling it, but wouldn't mind some compensation for your time, you could put up a paypal donate button or something like that

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    So here's a short clip showing the principle:


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    Iceman rocks! 

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    DGT E Board Users

    I have just found an Android app" Acid Ape Chess" that can be used with the Bluetooth DGT E board. I have only played one game against an engine but it worked.  So this increases the number of programs & apps that the DGT e board can be used with. Here is a list that I know the DGT E board works with

    Fritz (Playchess.com)

    FICS (babaschess GUI)


    Lucas chess

    Acid Ape Chess (Android)


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