Remove New Game Button


Is there a way to remove or move the large New Game button from the main screen (at least it's on my main screen)? The button applies to correspondence games. Twice now I've hit it accidentally, starting new games I did not want. I realize that's my fault, but I'd still like to avoid it if possible. If it's not possible, I might look into reverting to the older version. Thanks.  Tom Ewald, Detroit Area


I started a new game by accident, too.  I am sure that there are some modifications that are needed in V3.


This is a big issue for me too. I just accidentally tapped the new game button and created a game without intending to.


yes, many people i know experience the same problem for years !! It happens mainly with those who use the platform for study and press the back button constantly. the solution is very simple, just switch the hint button with the new game button.
note that the first post dates back to 2016 and didn't even respond. It seems that they don't care ... I have no hope that this simple problem that affects so many people will be solved. it's unfortunate.


I've definitely accidentally started a lot of games. I had a forum post where I suggested a simple setting for a confirmation before starting a game.