GM Samuel Reshevsky

Full name
Samuel Reshevsky
Nov 26, 1911 - Apr 4, 1992 (age 80)
Place of birth
Ozorków, Congress Poland, Russian Empire

As a child prodigy, Samuel Reshevsky was at home on the chessboard. One of the best American players ever, he was also a strong contender for the World Championship for 30 years. As Bobby Fischer came on the scene, their fierce rivalry combined with the trash-talk between them made each of their encounters a “can’t miss” game. Known as a brilliant positional player, Reshevsky could also pull out the tactics when needed and played some of his best chess when he was low on time too, unsettling his opponents in the process.

Samuel Reshevsky learned to play chess at age 4 and at age 8 he was able to beat strong players easily. His parents made a living by showing off his talents in exhibitions around the U.S.A., playing thousands of games in the process. This honed Reshevsky’s skills and he later became the U.S. Chess Champion for the first time in 1936. He followed this up with winning the U.S. Championship 6 more times throughout his life. He became a World Championship contender in the mid-1930s and continued to be a contender through the mid-1960s. When Bobby Fischer started his rise, Reshevsky and him started a fierce rivalry as two of the best players in the U.S.A. Fischer got the upper hand the majority of the time but despite the known malice between them, they both had much respect for each other’s games. Reshevsky continued to be a great player throughout the rest of his life as well, before he passed away on April 4, 1992.

Best Game

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Semi-Slav Defense (22) : D48 D47 D46 D49 D45 D43
Queen's Indian Defense (24) : E18 E15 E12 E17 E19 E16
Old Indian Defense (8) : A54 A53
Benko Gambit Declined (3) : A57
Pirc Defense (6) : B08 B09
Budapest Defense (4) : A52 A51
Queen's Pawn Opening (8) : A40 D02 A41 E00
Tarrasch Defense (9) : D34 D32 D33
Modern Defense (7) : B06 A42
Queen's Gambit Accepted (19) : D25 D27 D28 D22 D23 D26 D20
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (12) : D73 D78 D71 D79 D77
Indian Game (6) : A46 E10 A49 E00
Catalan Opening (5) : E05 E09 E00 E01
Benko Gambit Half-Accepted (2) : A57
King's Indian Attack (11) : A07 A08
Hungarian Opening (5) : A00
Modern Defense with 1.e4 (2) : B06
Reti Opening (19) : A05 A09 A04
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (1) : A01
Alekhine Defense (1) : B03
Caro-Kann Defense (2) : B17 B19
Colle System (1) : D05
Black Pieces
Indian Game (13) : A46 A49 A48
Giuoco Piano Game (6) : C50 C55 C53
Queen's Indian Defense (33) : E17 E12 E15 E19 E18 E14 E16
Amar Opening (1) : A00
Petrov's Defense (8) : C43 C42
Bogo-Indian Defense (7) : E11
Hungarian Opening (4) : A00
Reti Opening (13) : A05 A04 A09
Italian Game (6) : C50 C55 C56 C59
Catalan Opening (6) : E05 E01 E09 E02
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (8) : D78 D79 D73
Modern Defense (4) : A42 A40 B06
Scotch Game (5) : C44 C45
King's Gambit Declined (2) : C32 C30
King's Pawn Opening (1) : C44
King's Gambit Accepted (1) : C36
King's Indian Attack (4) : A07
Queen's Gambit Declined (10) : D50 D41 D35
Vienna Game (1) : C29
Torre Attack (2) : A48 A46
Richter-Veresov Attack (1) : D01
Tarrasch Defense (1) : D32
London System (1) : A48
Queen's Gambit Accepted (9) : D28 D24 D27 D22 D23
Four Knights Game (1) : C49
Three Knights Opening (1) : C46
Bird's Opening (1) : A03
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense with 3...d5 (1) : D70
Queen's Pawn Opening (2) : D02
Alekhine Defense (4) : B02 B04 B05
Slav Defense (3) : D15 D12
Center Game Accepted (1) : C22
French Defense (2) : C15 C11
Caro-Kann Defense (2) : B15
Colle System (1) : D04
Semi-Slav Defense (2) : D47 D45