Checkmate Grandmaster! - Winning In The Opening

Checkmate Grandmaster! - Winning In The Opening

Learn from games where a Grandmaster lost right out of the opening!

How can you beat a Grandmaster right out of the opening? See if you can find the path to a quick mate against the best players of the past and today's top stars. Check out these amazing games!

Here is what you will see:

  • How did a queen sacrifice quickly lead to mate against World Championship Challenger, Sergey Karjakin?
  • How did an amateur player brilliantly checkmate the great Frank Marshall?
  • How did Duda play two different classic checkmate tactics to beat Nakamura?
  • How did multiple sacrifices refute a shaky Dutch Defense?
  • How did David Bronstein sacrifice his queen to finish off a wild attack?

Checkmate Grandmaster - Andreikin vs Karjakin

Sergey Karjakin, is one of the best players in the world, but after one mistake in the 2010 World Blitz Championship, GM Dmitry Andreikin sacrificed his way to a quick checkmate!
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Checkmate Grandmaster - Johnston vs Marshall

Frank Marshall challenged Lasker for the World Championship. However, in this game from 1899 it was the amateur Sidney Johnston who dominated and won a brilliant victory!
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Checkmate Grandmaster - Nakamura vs Duda

Hikaru Nakamura is one of the best blitz players alive but in this game played in the 2019 Speed Chess Championship, Jan-Krzysztof Duda sacrificed the house for mate.
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Checkmate Grandmaster - Cebalo vs Vasiukov

Evgeni Vasiukov was a strong Russian Grandmaster. However, in the 2014 World Senior Championship, he took too many liberties in the opening against GM Miso Cebalo.
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Checkmate Grandmaster - Bronstein vs Geller

Grandmasters David Bronstein and Efim Geller were the great attackers. On this day, in the 1961 Soviet Championship, it was Bronstein struck first.
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Checkmate Grandmaster! - Winning In The Opening

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