Chess In The Movies

Chess In The Movies

Can you solve tactics from Hollywood hits?

Chess has been a staple of movies for generations. Check out some of the greatest chess movie moments from James Bond to Harry Potter!

  • Check out chess highlights in hits like From Russia With Love.
  • Keep up with HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • Learn from Josh Waitzkin in Searching For Bobby Fischer.
  • Checkmate Magneto in X-Men.
  • Find the winning combination in The Luzhin Defense.
  • Find the magical checkmate from Harry Potter!

From Russia With Love

In the James Bond film, From Russia With Love, we know that the villain Kronsteen is smart after watching him win a brilliant match game in front of a crowd. His combination was based on Spassky-Bronstein 1960, although two white pawns were missing.
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2001 A Space Oddysey

In 1968 it was science fiction that a computer could defeat a smart human at chess. See if you can find HAL's winning combination.
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Searching For Bobby Fischer

Searching For Bobby Fischer (released as Innocent Moves in the UK) is maybe the most famous chess movie. See if you can solve a puzzle that Bruce Pandolfini gave to Josh and if you can play better than the kids in the final match.
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The Luzhin Defense

In the Luzhin Defense, the protagonist leaves a note for his fiancé to demonstrate a brilliant combination. See if you can close the mating net.
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X - Men

Throughout the X-Men films, Professor-X and Magneto play chess repeatedly. However, we're only able to fully see a combination in the original film. See if you can help Professor-X defeat his villainous opponent.
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Harry Potter

A chess game plays a key role in the first Harry Potter book and movie. IM Jeremy Silman helped ensure that the chess game on film made sense. Can you help Harry, Ron and Hermione save the Sorcerer's Stone?
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Queen's Gambit

It's a TV show, not a film, but any discussion of chess in fiction would be incomplete without Queen's Gambit! Check out the final showdown between Beth Harmon and GM Borgov!
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Chess In The Movies

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