Defending Difficult Positions

Defending Difficult Positions

Learn the strategies you need to handle dangerous positions and turn the game around!

What should you do when all seems lost? NM Jeremy Kane demonstrates his favorite techniques to hold on, even in the most hopeless looking positions. Figure out when you need to complicate the game, simplify to a draw, or just keep persisting. Learn how to defend difficult positions today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to launch a counter-attack to steal the win or force a perpetual check!
  • Learn how to simplify to a fortress, stalemate, or defendable ending.
  • Learn how to activate your pieces and tenaciously defend, even when down material.

"Great explanation. I like the push not to give up. Thank you for your insight." - Chess.com member jgans70

"Well, I learned much more than "don’t give up“ within these 10 minutes. Thank you!" - Chess.com member JayDarmstadt

"Very interesting how things were able to turn around when the winning side played less than precise moves. Gives a player hope and promotes tenacity and alertness. Thanks for this insightful example."
- Chess.com member JSV

Defending Difficult Positions: Complicate It

How do you defend tough positions in chess? One important way is to complicate the game, muddying the waters so your opponent has to work hard for the advantage. Learn how to defend by complication in this lesson.
13 min
5 Sfida

Defending Difficult Positions: Simplify

How do you defend tough positions in chess? One strategy is to simplify to a salvageable position. Look for stalemates, fortresses and other tricks to survive!
13 min
5 Sfida

Defending Difficult Positions: Persistence Pays Off

How do you defend against a Grandmaster, when you know your position is already losing with best play? NM Jeremy Kane demonstrates how he held on and turned things around by slowly improving each piece until he had an irresistible attack.
10 min
5 Sfida