How To Swindle Your Opponent

How To Swindle Your Opponent

Learn how masters handle lost positions and turn the game around!

Have you ever wondered what you should do when you're losing a chess game? Then this is the course for you! If it's not time to resign, it's time to swindle your opponent! WGM Qiyu Zhou demonstrates the tricks you need to survive lost positions. Start swindling your opponents today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to turn around bad positions, from the games of world Champions like Carlsen and Petrosian!
  • Learn how Frank Marshall became the first famous chess swindler!
  • Learn how the author swindled a GM in the Women's World Championship!

"Thank you Qiyu - these are great swindles and I think this has really helped me see more swindle opportunities in my game! Great video!" - Chess.com member Mermada

How To Swindle Your Opponent: Magnus Carlsen vs Gawain Jones

How does World Champion, Magnus Carlsen respond when he's down a piece? He complicates the game and builds up a winning attack as if nothing ever happened!
15 min
5 Sfida

How To Swindle Your Opponent: Kasparov vs Petrosian

Even World Champions can fall for swindles. Check out how former World Champion Petrosian survived a deadly attack and turned things around against the great Garry Kasparov!
14 min
5 Sfida

How To Swindle Your Opponent: Never Give Up

The original chess swindler was the great Frank Marshall. Watch how he first survived lost piece and then a bad endgame to defeat his opponent. Marshall's saving combination is one of the most famous swindles ever played!
17 min
5 Sfida

How To Swindle Your Opponent: Online Swindles

How did Alireza Firouzja swindle Hikaru Nakamura in an astounding blitz game? What tricks work well in online speed chess games? What is the Rosen Trap, named after IM Eric Rosen? WGM Qiyu Zhou will show you the tricks and traps of online chess.
9 min
5 Sfida

How To Swindle Your Opponent: My Swindle At The Women's World Championship

How did WGM Qiyu Zhou escape a lost position against a higher rated player in the Women's World Championship? She found a swindle, of course! Check out this World Championship defensive technique!
14 min
5 Sfida