Learn The Flank Openings

Learn The Flank Openings

What can you expect when White plays an unusual first move?

Learn the key variations and main ideas in some of the most surprising openings.

  • Why is 1.b3 gaining in popularity?
  • What's the point of 1.b4?
  • Why do people play the Bird's Opening?
  • How should Black aim to refute 1.g4?
  • Learn how to handle whatever odds and ends your opponent might throw at you!

Learn The Flank Openings

Learn the main variations and key ideas in a variety of unusual openings.
13 min
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Learn The Flank Openings: Thematic Tactics

Practice tactical patterns that appear in a variety of openings.
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Learn the Flank Openings: Model Game

Larsen's Opening, 1.b3 is currently the most popular flank opening. GM Adhiban Baskaran is one of its top protagonists. See if you can find the moves in one of his many victories.
13 min
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Learn The Flank Openings

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Shperndarë October 19, 2022