Learn The Italian Game

Learn The Italian Game

Which opening was popular in 1600 and still all the rage today?

Learn the key ideas in the Italian Game in order to play it with either color. 

  • Watch a video on the plans and move orders that both sides need to know.
  • Practice thematic tactics.
  • Study a model game by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Learn The Italian Game

The Italian Game has been a popular opening for centuries and it's still played at the highest level today. Learn the key ideas to play the Italian with either side.
30 min
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Learn The Italian Game: Thematic Tactics

Practice thematic tactics that can occur in the Italian Game.
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Learn The Italian Game: Model Game

Find the moves for White in an amazing attacking game by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk against GM Evgeny Tomashevsky.
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Learn The Italian Game

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30 Minuta
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Shperndarë August 31, 2022