Premature Attacks on the King

Premature Attacks on the King

Learn to refute premature attacks!

That can't be sound! Knowing when to sacrifice material in order to open up your opponent's king is one of the most important tactics to learn in chess. Proper execution of this maneuver must take in to account all of a defender's pieces (or lack thereof) to determine whether or not the sacrifice will work and is sound, and/or if you have a continuation to follow the try. Start refuting incorrect attacks today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn to evaluate whether sacrifices make sense.
  • Practice calculating defensive tactics!
  • Learn to refute unsound sacrifices!

Premature attacks on the King

Learning how to sacrifice material for a win is an essential part of improving your chess game.
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Knights are strong defensive pieces!

Miscalculated sacrifices should be punished!
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Attack on h2

Castled positions can be prime territory for the premature sacrifice to occur.
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A mysterious defensive rook move

We can frequently find ourselves under a heavy mating attack.
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Don't panic!

Sometimes when our opponent threatens to execute an unusual checkmate in the middlegame, it can provoke us to play the wrong defensive moves against the threat.
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An unexpected dangerous diagonal

It is extremely important for a chess player to develop a sense of danger when pieces loom near their king.
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A premature sacrifice on h3

Many chess players are very emotional when it comes to going on the attack.
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The best defense is sometimes indirect

So far we have delved into the category of defense via the strict guarding of our castled position.
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Looking for sneaky f7 sacrifices...

Sacrifices on the f7 square are always sneaky and unpredictable and sometimes unsound...This example will illustrate why...
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Double Trouble Part 1...

There are times during a chess game where it may seem that your opponent has all the advantages.
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Double Trouble Part II

This is the 2nd part of "Double Trouble" If you haven't worked on the first one, I suggest that you try it out before attempting this lesson.
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Need a Lift?

When it seems like you are being surrounded and all of your opponent's pieces are acting in unison to invade your castle, you must look for any and all resource(s) on hand to save the day.
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Removing an attacker from an active square.

Often times, when we are faced with dangerous mating attacks along the h-file, the first instinct that takes over is to look for ia way to transfer our king into the safety zone.
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An Emergency Switch

Occasionally, we find ourselves in a position where an opponent sacrifices plenty of material for a dangerous-looking attack.
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Reduce the Heat

As mentioned earlier, an unsound sacrifice needs to be dealt with swiftly and with a heavy hand.
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Premature Attacks on the King

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