The Most Amazing Chess Moves

The Most Amazing Chess Moves

Get to know the most amazing chess moves ever played!

How you ever wondered about the most fantastic chess moves ever played? Join GM Simon Williams, as he demonstrates the most amazing moves of all time. See if you can find the best ideas of Morphy, Shirov, Ivanchuk, and other geniuses. Start playing amazing moves today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • What was Paul Morphy's greatest moment?
  • What were the best defensive ideas ever tried?
  • What were the most surprising opening novelties ever played?
  • What were the best moves by kings ever played?
  • What were the most shocking endgame moves ever played?

"Incredibly amazing Simon! Thank you for this new video that shows us the most beautiful moves in chess." - Chess.com member coscienzaOlotropica

American Genius

Paul Morphy and Frank Marshall are two titans of American chess history, so it's no surprise that they both have contenders for some of the most amazing chess moves ever made. GM Simon Williams starts a new series on the most unbelievable moves from these two American masters, and shows some similar themes from more of history's best chess players.
14 min
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Amazing Opening Novelties

Do you think that chess openings are boring, with everything worth knowing in old textbooks? Opening novelties are still being played and GM Simon Williams is here to show you some of the most unbelievable moves by the world's best players.
12 min
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Endgame Brilliance

We often think the most amazing chess moves come in the middlegame, with brilliant sacrifices and king hunts. GM Williams shows us that some of the most incredible moves are waiting to be found in the endgame, where the hidden brilliance of these moves will astonish you.
9 min
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Daring Defense

When most people think amazing chess moves, they think, "ATTACK!" There is so much more beauty to discover, especially finding amazing defensive moves that save or even win a game of chess. GM Simon Williams shows you the best of defense in this entertaining lesson.
9 min
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The King Moved Where!?

In many chess games, the king hides in his castle while the rest of the army decides the war, but the king can make beautiful moves as well! GM Simon Williams shows you some incredible king moves you will not believe.
10 min
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The Most Amazing Chess Moves

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