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Winning the Game

Winning the Game

Learn different ways to checkmate your opponent and win!

Have you ever had a queen or a rook versus your opponent's lone king but couldn't figure out how to win? Have you ever stalemated an opponent's lone king? Then this course for you! By learning these different types of checkmates you will start winning more of your games!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Checkmate with the queen
  • How to checkmate with the rook
  • Assisted checkmates
  • How to Checkmate with two rooks
  • Four move checkmates like Scholar's Mate!
  • The 4-Move Checkmate

    At beginner levels, games are frequently won and lost with the four move checkmate, most commonly played with 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 with Qxf7# on the next move. It's very important to defend your weakest point from checkmate. That's the f7 pawn for...

    • 4 min
    • 5 sfida
  • Assisted Checkmates

    Because the king can't move into check it is often possible to checkmate by placing a queen next to the opponent's king and having the queen defended by another one of your pieces. If the king can't move away and no other piece can capture your queen,...

    • 1 min
    • 5 sfida
  • Checkmate with Two Rooks

    One good way to checkmate is to use two rooks, or a rook and a queen to force a lone opposing king to the edge of the board. If one rook defends an entire file then the opposing king can't cross it. If you use the other rook to control the next file,...

    • 2 min
    • 5 sfida
  • Checkmate with the Queen

    Many games end with just one king and queen vs king. The simplest way to checkmate in that situation is to follow a multi-step process to make an assisted checkmate. 1. Place your queen one knight move away from the opposing king. 2. Copy each king move...

    • 3 min
    • 5 sfida
  • Checkmate with the Rook

    The easiest way to checkmate with king and rook against king is to follow this process: 1. Use your rook to put the opposing king in a box. 2. Bring your king towards the rook to protect it. 3. If it's possible to shrink the box with the rook each turn,...

    • 6 min
    • 5 sfida
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