You are a beginner chess player and need a chess mentor?

I will help you to reach the level 1700-1800 (rapid/blitz chess.com rating) very fast! Thus, I prefer to work with 700-1700 players.

About my fees. My main idea is that I can give you the guarantee of the growth of your chess skills. So, the agreement could be 200 USD per 100 ELO of your strength growth if you're <1200 at the moment. Regardless of the number of lessons, it'll take. So, you will receive a guarantee of the growth of your skills.

If you're stronger than 1200 look for fees per hour.

Also, we can make an agreement based on a fee per hour basis. The approximate price is 15-20 USD/hour. Can be even lower if you'd like to train hard and work with me a lot.

This is the difference between me and other coaches. With other coaches, you're paying for hours/lessons. With me, you paying for results!

Prices may vary slightly depending on you and your desire to learn and improve your chess!

My approach to chess as a coach is to change your thinking system to a better one. After that, you'll start to understand chess better in general and get rid of a fair amount of annoying blunders, typical for beginner chess players. Even after few lessons, you'll be able to look at chess game from a completely different angle.

Feel free to send me a message if my offer is interesting for you.