Anëtar Diamanti

Hello community, my name is Çağdaş and I am from Turkey. I am one of the enthusiasts of this game and try to do my best in order to get better. I have participated in a lot of OTB tournaments both indiviually and as a team. I have been coaching for 4 years and currently working in Deneyim Satranc Kulübü

As a club, we are helping chess individuals improve their game and reach their goals. Our students have achieved to reach degrees in numerous regional, national and even international age tournaments. 

As a coach, I am working with chess players within the range of (1000-1400). I can also work with complete beginners and try to help them reach tournament level playing strength. I am organising my lessons based on Tactics/Calculation, Basic Endgame Theory and Strategy (Thinking Process). After reaching basic tactical playing strength, I can also prepare opening repertoire on both colours to help my students reach playable middlegame positions. My mother tongue is Turkish and I can speak English fluently. 

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