Would you consider yourself a good person? Most people would answer 'yes' and rightfully so. I bet your friends would say you are a good person.  In fact, if I, a stranger to you, was asked, I would have to say you are as good as I or better-honest truth.  Do you think you have kept the Ten Commandments? Here is an abbreviated list to refresh your memory:  God is first; no idols, even in your mind; do not use ‘God’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ as a cuss word or as a common word; set aside a holy day for God and you each week; respect and obey your parents; don’t kill; do not commit adultery; do not steal; do not lie; do not lust after things that are not yours.  Ever told a lie? Most people have and would admit it (unless they are lying right now answering this question). You know what you call a person who tells a lie.  They are called a liar.  So are you a liar? Be honest.  Ever stolen anything? How about 'time' from your employer? Most people have? They are called a thief.  That makes you a thief don't it? Jesus said that if you looked on another with lust, then you have already committed adultery with them in your heart. Have you ever looked at someone with lust or purposely dressed to entice someone to look at you with lust? Most honest people would have to say yes to this one too. So far we have looked at 3 out of 10 and we have already broken all of them. So, if you are honest this moment you must admit that you are a lying, thief and an adulterer at heart.  Should we continue through the other seven or do you get the point that you have violated them? When God judges you by the ten commandants do you think you will be guilty or innocent? If you don’t believe he will, then put it as a hypothetical:  ‘If God judges you…’ and answer anyway.  Think about this, suppose I am a good citizen, donate money to good causes, am friendly and outgoing to my neighbors, and do many, many good deeds every day of my life. One time, in a moment of foolishness, I tried to sell some crack that I found lying on the street and got caught. Would a just judge let me go because I only broke the law once? No a just judge would not. Would a just judge forego the mandatory sentence if I told him I was sorry? No a just judge would not. No judge is more just that God. Guilty is the answer.  It is not all the good things a court looks at, it is whether you committed the crime which brought you to court.  The image in American courts (of balances weighing the evidences) deals with the specific event, not the lifetime deeds of the defendant.  A just judge will punish the crime no matter the character of the person or what else the person has or hasn’t done.  The fine for speeding is the same price regardless whether it is a drug dealer or a little old lady on her way to church.Since you will be found guilty by God would you go to heaven or hell? The Bible says all adulterers and liars shall have their part in hell.  That includes me and also includes you.  So hell is the destination. Does this concern you? If not, you can stop here. Until it concerns you the rest will do you no good. But if you are concerned, then please read on.What if I was sentenced to a fine I couldn't afford to pay and a stranger came into the court and paid it in full for me? I could tell the judge, no thanks, I will not accept this stranger’s payment or I could say 'thank you' to the stranger and let him pay it. That is exactly what Jesus has done for you. God became a man, died for your sins (offenses against God's law), was buried, and (since he was God in the flesh and sinless) rose again on his own power. If I am in an airplane that has lost its engines and is falling, am I safe just because I know that there is a parachute under my seat? No, I could know that all the way to the ground and still die horribly. The only way I can be safe is to quit trusting the airplane, put on the parachute and trust the parachute by leaping out of the plane. In the same way, I can know all these facts and still go to hell. I have to quit trusting my own goodness, put all my trust into Jesus and leap (depend solely on him). The Bible says every single person will be judged one day, every person will be found guilty, and every person is going to hell just as sure as if we are already there, but (what a nice word) we can receive a pardon through the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible says no liar, adulterer, or thief will enter heaven.  We, you and I, are in the same situation.  The difference, all the difference in the world, is that I have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the debt and received a pardon from God.  You have not, but you can.  Would you get away from all distractions, find some quiet time and consider what I am trying to tell you?   Please consider asking and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ for a pardon.  There is no time to lose because death is sure for each of us and none of us is promised tomorrow.  We could die any moment in any number of ways.Now, if you did that. Realize what a great gift you have been given. Is it too much to ask you to start reading your Bible a little each day and try to do it what it says?