These previous avatars are made by a very kind and thoughtful friend @BISHOP_e3 Thank you Bill! <3

Love Philippines <3

My gaming channel where I play games for fun (usually dota 2):

My music channel where I play the violin (an amateur xD):

I've made the music one so my family, relatives, and friends can hear me play the violin. The gaming one is encouraged by some friends and at first for them but it's not bad to share.

Kind or violent reactions are welcome. After all, we all die in due time XD

Only add my steam account with good intention ^_^

(Kahit saan man magpunta, palagi siyang kasama. Siya ang Diyos, si Bathala. <3)

I am a licensed chemist from the Philippines. I have varied interests such as playing the violin, games such as Dota 2 and CS GO, reading books (Harry Potter fan here!), and writing poems. I learned chess when I was still 7, but I have always focused on academics (academic scholar) so I did not pursue a chess career. I did play in some inter-school tournaments. I guess you can say, my chess skills are average XD If you have same interests as me, we could be friends! But if you want trouble, then bye, no time for you. grin.png

Since I am done with my licensure exam, I will start accepting chess challenges now grin.png I have missed my friends, but real life was very demanding and will still be, so I will be inactive on online platforms sometimes. I do not forget them though <3 

P.S. A blog for the trolls. Please read! Especially new members happy.png


 I LOVE YOU LINKIN PARK! Chester Bennington, you are always in my heart <3