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before reading my profile, please play this song and listen to this song until it's finished, because there is has an important message of this song for all of us happy.png

share happiness to everyone ^_^

before making any comments, maybe you should see this, this about bullying, hope this video can be useful for all of us happy.png

hii everyone,  last time, i told about my story, now i will introduce myself more wink.png

full name         :           S***** Vera*****  (*) it's means secret

nick name       :           Vera

username        :           @Dragon_fangs

date of birth    :           08/20/1995

age                  :           24 years old

gender             :           female

hobby              :           playing chess, singing, badminton, and reading romance novel, really love bunny ^_^ they so cute


i never played daily chess, bug house, 4 chess players, because i don't like it, i love plays live chess, 5, 10 minutes, rapid, 3 checks, crazy house, i'm a little less interested in bullet why?? because, i'm not like a mouse fast thinking or only want to win with time, i need more time to think but not slow too, the time isn't too long and it's not too fast, and if you want to play with me please unrated game, I always accept friend requests, i NEVER discrimination someone to be my friends, everyone in here can be my friends, my goals here, can play chess with everyone, and beat stockfish in blitz and rapid, and be useful for many people, if you hate me, or don't like me, please let me know, the reason is, maybe i can fix that, i don't want to have enemies, i'm happy to be friends with you guys *^_^*


Big thanks for @GM_Magnus_Kingdom, @Lexhibition, and @NiceGarry  give free premium membership, i never forget your kindness, I will not waste what you all have given to me.

these are all my best friends in chess.com (maybe you will be there too soon he..he)

@GM_Magnus_Kingdom he is very special person for me, not because he gave me free premium membership, i can't explain or describing him with my mouth, because he is everything, i mean, my dream i can meet him in real life, he is shy, and he is a mysterious person, but the fact about him, he is real magnus for me he..he ^_^

join our club magnus chess corner and magnus' kingdom of chess

@ZugswangSush he is a nice kid, smart, kind, and friendly, check his youtube and his club chess players corner

@fuggycolor he is lovely boy and nice person, be friend with him

@henryignacio, he is my new best friend, honest and super strong person, anti liar, really very trustworthy person thumbup.pngvotechess.png

@MainframeSupertasker he is the most good admin in chess,com, he is smart, active, and reliabel

@Isaacson_Vu_Azure he is like my diary book ha...ha, i mean we are always share our stories, be friend with him, he is very friendly, smart, and unique, very rare person, maybe the one and only, i love call him "vivu" he..he when i remember him, i always think "no pain, no gain" well he always think the pain make him strong, and that was true, he is a teenager but he can teach me something more important and useful for my life 

@Soliches2 she is very wise and too kind

@E4orce he is super person, super cool

@LongTrue, he is my super duper friends

@zany_taco she is real best friend, and my new best friend ^_^

she gave this pic for me, she drew me, is so nice and so sweet and touching my heart,

@RimuruTempest100 he will be a member of my family in the future, i hope

@esmeow, my new best friends  . i hope we can be more close and sharing our stories 

@queenbishop25, she is my cute best friend from india ^_^

@EpicCheck, he is awesome, really awesome, please be friend with him

@Brianjapan, @skywalker9449, @pawarasuper2006 they are awesome

@DavidCharleston he is my chatting friends

@Lina2012 she is my little friends, she is cute 

@siluriun he is very nice person, his name taff james 

@cdaguer1 he is chaplin he..he

@DayMan777 he is very enthusiastic about chess

@The_Storm_555 he is funny person

@silentsecrect she is very nice person, and kind girl

@NiceGarry he is NICE person, easy get along, and friendly too, please be friend with him

@kaipingorkai he is my new good friend , he is nice, you all can be friend with him 

@AMD114, he is my best friends from iran, he is a psychologist

@lorena1103  and @Zaveric, the best couple in chess.com

@AxiomaticDelphic, he is funny person too but he is noooby, everyone know him xD

@Icy_Dragon he is my best friend, we are DRAGONS  

@theresamiranda13, thanks for her, has made me more confident

@ZionPureinHeart, he is my new friend, check his blog here

@mathuG, he is new our admin in magnus chess corner club and magnus kingdom, and don't forget to check his blog too here

and the last my real family @Marsella17, she is my little sister, yeah she  is my beautiful little sister he..he,  she is more beautiful than me, i must admit it ha..ha, happy?? (for my sister)


these my best games, i will show you my best games

1. first, this my game againts International Master from India, it was an honor can play with him,

2. the hardest game, we both have 2 queens, yeah i lost the game but this is my favorite game

3. this game, i almost lost the game, but i can win, only 1 move left i would be checkmate by him

4.  this game, i can beat stockfish powerfull engine in the world, in 10 seconds???, just for fun, yeah i don't like bullet too much but the only way to beat stockfish only with time he..he


Q : hi, why your username is @Dragon_Fangs

A : because my first account was @Jfla13, 14 or  i really forgot my old username, and then i used J fla's photo on my profile, because i'm her fans, and then bad people keep annoying me, i told on my wall profile she wasn't me, but they keep coming, this always happens but not just me, every girls in chess.com will get the same, if you using women photo on your profile, you will know what i mean, you know, i'm not the kind of people who are assertive, or people who hurt other people's feelings, so i closed my old account, and make this one, and will be the last, and so why my username @Dragon_Fangs, because i want to be pretend to be a boy before so they can leave me alone, and it's working, they think i'm a boy he..he, and dragon is mighty creatures from china, fangs describe toughness, so i'm using that username  

these photos bellow are J FLA, i'm just her fans  SHE ISN'T ME

Q : now, why you reveal your identity?

A : why not? right now i can handle them , if we are kind to everyone, they will to be kind too, sometimes they are annoying, but they are human like us , we can talk to them and give our opinion, and talk with them nicely, they will understand, and leave us alone, with peace , and i want to tell this too, @theresamiranda13 she made me changed, she makes me more confident, "don't pretend to be someone else, just to be yourself", if they are not likes your face or real you, leave it, don't mind it, just simple like that, check her profile if you want, she really great person

Q : why you so good in chess?

A : maybe not so good, many people 10x better than me, i love chess when i was kid, my uncle taught me, chess about calculation, trick, endgame and tactic, only him support me to be chess player he..he, you know, even low rating player bellow 1000 can beat 1500 player or 1800 player in long times if they have enough time to think, try watch this video

Q : can i play with you? but my rating too low

A : sure, i never see your rating, but unrated game please, you can use books againts me, or even engine xD i never care as long unrated game for your training, but if you are using engine, you will not improve right? we can play as you want it, but you must know this, i have many jobs in here, i'm admins in many clubs, sometimes i'm only online just for doing my jobs, you must message me first, and make a deal when we can play, if you directly challange me without message me first, sorry i will ignore that, but i will tell you the reason is, see my favorite games above too so you can play with me 

Q : i can't believe your rating, you too suspicious, are you cheating?

A : well that's your opinion, i appreciate it, you can report me, here's the link https://support.chess.com or you can see (i) icon on my profile and then block me, chess.com rules tell us clearly so follow the rules. 

Q : so what do you think about cheating? 

A : uhmmm my suggest, leave it, or don't mind about it, chess.com more protective from the cheaters now, in my expriences in here, even low rating 800 or bellow has been closed and even GM or title player like this @Federer999 (i don't have any intention to shaming on him this just for good example), you don't believe it, check magnus carlsen games in here archive of games and see it with your own eyes, "as good as squirrels jump, eventually falling too" so that's it, just follow the rules   

Q : can i know your phone numbers, Ig, facebook, etc?

A : yeah sure, you can, but if you get close with me, i can trust you, i will open anything for my close friends, but i can't give it to someone just met, so be close with me he..he

 sorry for my bad english  i hope you can still read it

this song for closing, if you have done read all my profile, thank you, have a nice day ^_^