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20 jan 2011
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May 8, 2017
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Thursday 29. 03.2012                                                                                               Believe I was 6 Of Age When My Late Grandpa And Namesake Taught Me How Pieces Move. 7 Years Excited Boy Very When The WorldChampionShip Began In Reykjavik. Bet All Mine On Bobby Shocking' The Old Man. Just Knew! Bad Health State Has Kept Me From Succeeding' Since I Became Teen Champion Of Akureyri, North Of Iceland. Vicious Sircle Of Frightful Hippocampus Epilepsy Due To Extrasensory Perception Of Someone Or Something Strangling' Me While I Was Having My Frequent Seizures / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Allergy Of Tegretol Damaged My Peripheral Nervous System In Similiar Way Diabetes Does. FibroMyAlgia Syndrome Besides Migraine Attacks. I Am an AA-Person. "When One's Life Becomes Duty It Ceases Fruiting'." - Kristjansson, Fridgeir Einarr