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I'm Grayson Rorrer, an 18-year-old FIDE Master with two IM Norms and an avid writer from Lockhart, TX. Feel free to offer a friend request or use this direct link happy.png I have limited availability for coaching/training games, you're welcome to send a message here or email if interested!

A collection of my best games from real life and highlights from online practice can be found below, along with a few other tidbits. ("More" if that's of interest…)

Titled players, please send me a message if you may be interested in mutually beneficial training games, I've become a bit disillusioned from blitzing in the pool wink.png Good times in the past, but at present I am fully focused on improving my chess skills and getting as far as possible in the next year or so. Before life throws a wrench in the equation…

Please, don't invite me to clubs unless I know you, I'm not looking to become a part of online communities at present. I also don't accept challenges, my sincere apologies. No offense intended, but I don't have much time to spare and usually can't respond to non-business messages either.

Your assistance is requested in an urgent matter - @JoshPrice has agreed to carry out a 24 hour Twitch stream. We need your signatures, though, 1000 of them to be exact, please fill out the form and share it with your friends happy.png

I suggest all you fellow puzzle enthusiasts scoring above 40 in three minute puzzle rush/battle, or 48 in five minutes, and looking to improve further – or just connect with other skilled solvers from around the world – check out the PRO Puzzle Solvers Team. Hope to see you around!

My best achievements on the battlefield, which I've now mostly stepped back from but hold fond memories of nonetheless:

  • My current high score – a flawless 56! I have also achieved 47 in two minutes and around 34 or 35 in one minute. Now, if only I could sustain that kind of pace throughout… wink.png 60 in five minute puzzle rush is the most I've managed to muster thus far, while my individual puzzle rating peaked at an absurd ~9100, mainly on account of memorization tongue
  • December 9th 2020: I entered top 50 in the World for the first – and, realistically, last – time (#49) by adopting @Peshkach, and achieved my current peak rating of 2903. To be fair, Tihon was streaming, and ratings were definitely inflated back then, but still no easy feat. Since then I've managed to push 2700 on occasion, which isn't bad at all either.
  • I've had the good fortune to do battle with a number of strong chess players, like GM Frederik Svane, IM Casper Schoppen, innumerable GMs/IMs, and taken some memorable scalps. One highlight was a match against GM Baadur Jobava that I won to the tune of 27-12. Certainly not reflective of his true strength, by any means…
  • The honor was all mine to play several long matches against the crown prince of the battlefield himself, @jimis98. On May 10, 2023 the score was 14½-27½ in his favor, which is about the best I could hope for against this absolute monster, unless it's 3:00 AM in Greece wink.png For the most part I was used as a punching doll, but even so it was a real honor, and I hope the training was useful for him in some way happy.png Nowadays, though, I don't have that kind of time to waste!

Here's a selection of strong/enjoyable moments from my online blitzing and real life tournament practice. Enjoy, and may we one day meet in the tournament hall!