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I'm an experienced chess player and coach who’s worked with individuals in schools, has both extensive league and tournament play, and has held positions of leadership within my local chess club. I have good knowledge of the game that I’m able to share with you.

I can teach you strategies and tactics that will help you pick the correct moves to win more games and these include:
* Controlling the center
* Piece placement
* Positional play

I’ve been playing chess for over 25 years and have played at the same local over-the-board club for just as long. My experience includes league play where I was the team captain for a few years and have won a league championship.

I've played in many over-the-board tournaments and have won a few; as well as winning club competitions for junior and u160 county teams.

I've worked in the educational sector teaching small groups but mostly one-on-one. I've been coaching for a few years online and over the board.

I coach professionally and I’m happy to help beginner and intermediate players craft, improve, and further progress their game. My rates start between £10 – £15. Please send me a direct message for more information, thank you.