hello everyone i this is the last day of me being on pls if u have snap r whatever u use on phone to txt people do give me ur username in gmail and also put the name of the app so ik what app to add u on and also i don't do calls by number so if u give me number i won't call r add u by that bc i don't trust that on and pls do know it will be in my bio to if u need to see it better will miss y'all T-T but yeah will take me a little to add everyone bc i'm getting a phone ones i get a job. here gmail so u can gmail ur username for whatever app it's for don't forget to put the name of the app it's for to -godless898@gmailcom- r turn 18 this year and i like to talk and hang also i'm too sleepy to try to live so pls don't try to  wake me up when i pass ,also i'm a guy

i love to watch anime and game to 

red and blue and black is my colors i love 

very friendly and kind 

don't like loud sounds and drama 

if u win it's bc i'm not trying