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I'm here to play chess, duh, I am Super Administrator of a couple of clubs, I love blogging  about anything that has to do with God and I love music.


So the first link I want to offer you is a free bible you can download. It is awesome because you can add maps, commentators, save your favorite verses on it. You can do quite a bit on it so here is the link:  http://www.e-sword.net/

Proof God exist!

Do you want proof of God? Well here it is!



I am bilingual and therefore created a club I named,"El Poder de Dios y Ajedrez". The reason I created this site is because other Christian clubs don't want you to chat in Spanish. So here's what this club is about. Bienvenido al primer club hispanohablante que cree en el poder de Dios omnipotente, el Espíritu Santo, su hijo Jesucristo y el poder de ganar en Ajedrez.  Tengo las puertas abiertas a todo aquel que quiera conocer de Dios, sientanse con la libertad de venir a aqui a este club.

And here is the link: https://www.chess.com/club/el-poder-de-dios-y-ajedrez


Some of my visions



And these links  will take you to my music videos. Here are the links:

These are basically contemporary Christian songs, but once in a while I will put a Christian rock song.


Estas son canciones Cristianas en espanol


These are country songs and hymns.



This one is about living eternally. 



This one will make you ponder about your belief in Christ.