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2 pri 2009
Hera e fundit online
Nov 23, 2009
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I work for a real estate appraisal company and a real estate title insurance agency.  Yes I know, I have one too many jobs.  Single, never been married, no kids so I work a lot.  I played chess several years ago and for some stupid reason quit playing until a few months ago I decided to get back into it.  I am an intermediate level player and am trying to improve.  It is a fascinating game and I really don't know why I haven't been playing my whole life, but oh well.  I have learned that you can't sign up for too many games and play at your best so I am trying to say no to invitations and tournaments for a while until I get my games down to around 50-100.  Till then I might be moving a little slow and for that I apologize.  I have really enjoyed the correspondence between different members of and am continually fascinated by the excellent english that people from all over the world can converse.  I took three years of spanish in high school and can only remember a few spanish words and phrases and from what I have been told english is incredibly hard to learn as a second language so I am very impressed with how well so many have been able to learn it.  I will play anybody at anytime if my number of games will permit so feel free to ask me for a game at anytime.  I am avoiding any no vacation tournaments and prefer games with a longer time limit.  Maybe one of these days I will post a photo, but I am concerned I may scare any small children that might be playing so I will have to weigh that into my decision.