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Hello there!! welcome to my profile. 

I am Ragdoll, the mafia and I know you was curious to know about me,  I am a Chess Lover, Streamer, Youtuber, Blogger (Wish I could get a chance to be a top blogger) Student, Player, and Active In Fide Tournaments! My hugest goal is getting 2000+ fide before 2025 (last date is 01-01-2025 🤯🤯) but you know before 2024 is better.. and also I do not usually reply to direct messages such as Hi, Hello, How are You, and more from the Unknown. so make sure to make it started interesting or important! 

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this is to help me reach 1k subs, which is one of my hugest dream aside GM, before 2024!!! so please, at least support me with one sub 🥺

btw you can send me a friend request i accept all but if you are unknown to me, i might miss your message 

My chess personality! 

My FIDE ratings -

RAPID - 1327

BLITZ - 1643


People say My Openings are bad, and give opponents the advantage. but little do they know..

My biggest Achievements: 

(it doesnt work so i will just put a pic of it at the bottom of these )

getting 2nd in rapid arena out of 2000+ players 

getting 1st in blitz arena out of 1500+ players ( AFTER SOO MANY TRIES, NEVER GIVE UP!! Today, on 7/10/22 ) yo can check it out here 

getting 1st in bullet arena out of 700+ players 

Medals Pictures

2nd Place 2ND PLACE            Rapid Arena Congratulations! You have won 2nd place in the 10|0 Rapid arena with an overall record of 12-2-1

1st Place 1ST PLACE               Blitz Arena

Congratulations! You have won 1st place in the 3|0 Blitz arena with an overall record of 14-2-0

1st Place1ST PLACE              Bullet Arena

Congratulations! You have won 1st place in the 1|0 Bullet arena with an overall record of 15-1-0

Defeating many different titled players ( not bullet, not timeout either. ) this includes IM, CM and FM, WFM, WGM, WIM, NM, AGM., AIM and many more  - updated 16 November 2022. 

Defeating IM, WFM, FM, NM, WIM, WCM, and WGM. in puzzle battle. one example is HERE

and another is HERE

Playing against BM samayraina and CHESS SIMP !! both of em over here - 

1600 fide!!

Getting first in 90 days holding the world record with 23.2 seconds ( 2021 may-2022 november ) endings queen defending. i kinda gave it up now since i have lots of other goals lol but we have it, THE WORLD RECORD for 1 yr and 6 months?? crazyyy ( btw the other guys aint giv up so he got 16 sec?? wthever bruh i have mny other things to do XD ) - Chess Endgames - Training & Practice Made Simple - Chess.com

Getting 2000 rapid ( no no no 2022 in 2022 lol ) ( took me 3 years for this ;O ) 

Getting 2100 rapid ( WOW I DID IT TODAY 27/5/22 S A V A GE IT TOOK 3 YEARS )

Getting 2150 rapid ( 19/ 7/ 2022 wow.. )

getting 1800 bullet ( I DID IT!! ON 30/9/2022 )

2000 bullet ( easy peasy but dude i keep timeouting now )

2200 blitz ( cc bug helped me out XD )

Getting 2200 Lichess ( yeshh i know it was easy but you know i aint play on lichess often so it guid *kinda* )

Puzzle rush 50 in only 100 attempts ;O ( 4/6/2022 ) and next day 56 ;O


and the next day 56-

Puzzle rush 60 with a streak of 59!! ( on 16/11/2022


50 SUBSCRIBERS!!! A small dream made my day happy!! ( 23/10/2022 )

under 10000 rank ( very hard ngl ) 

under 5000 rank ( VERY VERY HARD but went back out ;l )

getting legend league

my comment getting a heart from Chess Vibes!

and also many more youtubers did it

like even EFT who has 4M subs ;O

my comment getting 100+ likes!!

a sub of PhotoChess!!

queen 30 level in lessons ( Kind of hard cuz i have gold membership, weekly 3 lessons lesson )

And the finest one ( very tough one , ) WINNING AGAINST IM IN 5 + 2 WHEN HE RESIGNS !!!! ( winning position tho lul )


VERY VERY HARD ONE ( on 5 / 6 / 22 )

aaand one nice win without a queen 😊

Some of my goals:

You know what they all say, if you do not set up goals...

Getting 2200 blitz 

Getting 2400 bullet ( ik its easy but you know am too lazy to do it lmao )

Getting 1500 fide ;o ( I GOT IT but not certified yet )

getting 1600 FOA RATED ARENA ( kinda near rn lmao prob will take like max 1 month)

2200 rapid ;0

2300 lichess ( well ig am too lazy to do it XD )

get into pro puzzle solvers team ( which means 3 more goals, puzzle 3 min 40+, puzzle 5 min 48+, and puzzle battle 40+. will take forever ikr )

getting AIM title ( MY HUGEST GOAL RIGHT NOW!! ITS ONE CHALLENGING QUEST!! ) whos gonna pay for it? me, with my savings XD 

and the most important,


some of these games down below are against very popular chess players! go ahead, watch them ; )

But Remember THIS Sentence I say to you right NOW!!

When You Cheat in Chess, You Might Get BannedBut If With Me You Get Banned INSTANTLY.

Never Cheat Anyone!

My best game No 1

Ragdoll_kitten vs Sardoche

link or look here ⤵ Me vs Sardoche

My best game No 2

Ragdoll_Kitten vs BM Samayraina

link or look here ⤵ Me vs Samay Raina 

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Panel Content - Ragdoll_Kitten

videos.png  1✔ My YT channel ( here i post my chess videos )  - Dhruvi Chess

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videos.png  3✔ My YT channel ( here i post my Chess shorts ) - Dhruvi Shorts

💳 ✔ My Instagram ( idk why i made it lul ) Fruit Basket (@ragdoll_kitten21) • Instagram photos and videos

🎵 ✔ My spotify • Ragdoll_Kitten

💳 ✔ My Discord - Ragdoll_Kitten#7772 (online only once or twice a day )

💳 ✔ My chess kid ID - Dhruvi_Panigrahi

👩‍🎓  ✔ My club -  U v U

💳 ✔ My ZEPETO ID - #Ragdoll_Kitten ( just joined lol )

💳 ✔ My Rblx ID - Ragdoll_Kitten ( kinda same XD ) + i BOUGHT THE JENNIE OUTFIT WOOOO its soo cool 

🥇 ✔ My libraries - titled players - won

and brilliant moves library - 2022

⏲ ✔ My basic Imbalances Endgames - Basic Imbalances Endings  1st in 90 days with a best score of 6 mins and 4.8 seconds. try here if u can beat me 😉

⏲ ✔ My endgames Defending queen endings - Queen defending endings  1st in 90 days ( but a stupid frog came who is a stupid hacker ) with a best score of 23.4 seconds. try here if u can beat me 😉

🎁 ✔ My award section - Awards of Ragdoll_Kitten

and some nice success pictures that can change your life forever Illustrations By “Success Pictures” That Might Motivate You - YouTube

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my favorite one, 4:39 - 4:45. 

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good bye and thanks for viewing (;

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