Anëtar Diamanti

Welcome to 4teamchess International. I am Jim Yeatrakas and you have made the first step towards helping us complete the largest online chess tournament in the World.  I invite you to become a member at www.4teamchess.com The rules and FAQs are available there to explain how the tournament works, but basically, we use the ratings awarded on chess.com to determine the outcome of our events. I hope you will join us and tell your friends about us. Thanks again!!

Today, 20220317 partial screenshot of results: 

Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom lead the field of 26 teams in the winners
held in collaboration with chess.com at www.4teamchess.com 10,268 players were selected who played rapid 30-min matches 7 times in the previous 30 days. This unique tournament is free to play, while soon members (depending on the laws of their country) of the tournament will be playing for cash prizes. i.e. todays payout with that many entries would have been $913 1st place, $878 2nd place, $843 third place on down to $36 for 26th place. That is for the one winner for every 100 entries. There were 12028 entries for the winner take all event and the award for that when cash awards are implemented would be $14,434 and won by Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong players. Help us build membership in the cash awards tournament version to make these numbers a reality!