12 mart 2018
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 Cool Calm Respectful (CCR  Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (depends) where you are )

i will be resetting my puzzle rush history and i will start again happy.png what is wrong with me "

i get to play bullet or the weekends only saturday-sunday is my bullet time


 how i look when i lose a game i was winning. happy.png

you are having a good day

Note: I am not playing Daily Chess for the time being. Please do not send me Daily Chess match invitations. 

also i want to get to a 1000 friends on chess.com please send a friend request if you have not yet or you are not my friend on chess.com yet

ok i made a new twitch account and it is called Tani_the_real_one follow please https://www.twitch.tv/tani_the_real_one

DO NOT INVITE ME INTO CLUBS     UN less i say so  in my profile chat ask me there not on message    

My name is Tanitoluwa Adewumi and i am 9 years old  and if you search me up on google you will see my profile picture   

i made a new one  i will give you a hint i changed some things up like most of them https://game.dowerapport.com/t?q=i7KraIo his is a better link Tani now and do this one

my twitch so now you know  and also https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=FFE08Od 


@Fullsnowman  is  my brother

I am Tanitoluwa Adewumi

interesting in puzzle battle highest 54

 September 3rd happy.png is my B DAY

the people i adopted include. shock.png@KarateBaby  @Noah131K and @1g31-O and @MaxBarnes @squealingnickel @TheLoveof64Squares

My Grandsons : @KarateBaby