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    • How to be a Polite Spectator

      A friend and I were recently discussing chess spectator etiquette and how they differ from the arena of Magic The Gathering tournaments.  In Magic tournaments it is considered rude to spectate for a brief period and then leave the table.  Leavin... | Read More

    • Comp4-ImpossiblyLucky!

      I know there's no luck in chess and my play was responsible for this loss.  I'd still like to petition a name change to Comp4-ImpossiblyLucky because I was crushing it!  Please take a look at the game and suggest some alternative lines or missed... | Read More

    • Humbled by IM Rendle

      Dropped a piece on more 4, missed a simple mate in 1, lost the game, but had fun.  Enjoy and don't laugh!   Website - Coaching information Twitter - Chess-related tweets | Read More

    • Bishop + Rook Pawn Ending

      Bishop and rook-pawn endgames can be difficult to win when your bishop is on the opposite color of the pawn's promotion square.  The position below is a theoretical draw.  If you haven't seen it before try finding a way for White to win if Black... | Read More

    • Exchange Sacrifice in the Caro

      This is a game from the local chess club, and possibly the most exciting of the round!  The time control was G/60 + 30inc and the pairings are made in advance.  The game was a back-n-forth struggle with an exchange sacrifice towards the end.  I... | Read More

    • Candidates Tournament 2014 Odds

      Odds of winning the Candidates Tournament 2014.  Who do you think will win?  Who would you bet on with these odds? Aronian (3.25) Kramnik (4) Topalov (6) Anand (7.5) Karjakin (9) Mamedyarov (10) Andreikin (15) Svidler (15) | Read More

    • Best zugzwang ever!

      This is a game played by a quickly improving Maor Locker on  Maor reached a position with many paths to win, but when we analyzed the position below we realized White is actually in zugzwang!  After going through a few variations with... | Read More

    • Game Analysis #2 - Symmetrical English

      Here is the 2nd analyzed game of the free game analysis series played by Warrior2000.  Gourav plays a nice game on the Black side of a symmetrical english.  The game gets very dicey and White sacrifices an exchange in an attempt to checkmate the... | Read More

    • Game Analysis #1 - Caro Attacks!

      In the first installment of the free game analysis series we look at Marcelo's game on the Black side of a caro-kann.  He neutralizes White's slight advantage out of the opening and castles queenside (!!) in an attempt to pawn storm his opponent'... | Read More

    • Free Game Analysis Introduction

      Hi members, I have some exciting news about some a free game analysis promotion I will be starting this month.  In an effort to gain momentum on my coaching website and twitter account I will be offering the first of hopefully many fre... | Read More