Let's Grow Chess! | ChessKid Cup

Let's Grow Chess! | ChessKid Cup

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ChessKid is pleased to sponsor the next event in's Champions Chess Tour, the ChessKid Cup. This elite tournament will center on chess education and rising chess players, hoping to inspire young chess fans and promote the game. Catch this exciting event unfold on May 22-26. 

"Every chess master was once a beginner."

—Irving Chernev

Even the world's greatest super-grandmasters were once 'ChessKids,' too: Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Viswanathan Anand, Fabiano Caruana, and Anish Giri, to name a few. 

Any dedicated chess player can become a chess master. All it takes is time and practice. 

In the beginning, any kind of game, puzzle or chess analysis can be useful... over time [they will] naturally make you a better player...

—Dimitrij Kollars' advice for kids starting out

Rising Chess Prodigies

There is no doubt that chess is quickly gaining in popularity and catching the interest of many youths, including brilliant chess masters Tani Adewumi, Shreyas Royal, Alice Lee, and Brewington Hardaway.

Young chess masters: Tani Adewumi, Shreyas Royal, Alice Lee, and Brewington Hardaway.
(Clockwise) Tani Adewumi, Shreyas Royal/Photo courtesy of the Olympics, Brewington Hardaway, and Alice Lee/Photo Courtesy of Lennart Ootes, Saint Louis Chess Club.

These ChessKid stars are only some of the many talented kids on the site who became titled players. All four chess prodigies are one step closer to becoming one of the world's youngest grandmasters.

GMs Who Played on ChessKid

Supporting the Next Generation

ChessKid aims to foster the growth of chess education and support young chess players by providing the necessary learning tools and resources to help them improve their chess skills and master the game. 

ChessKid being used in schools to teach kids.
Mrs. Adams' Kindergarten students using in class.

ChessKid works closely with schools, educators, and organizations to promote the benefits of chess and share the game with children worldwide, middle school and high school students too!

... chess can be a powerful tool for enhancing our cognitive skills. It sharpens our focus, boosts concentration, and improves problem-solving abilities... So, while checkmating opponents, you're also improving your mental agility for real-world challenges.

—Jordan Van Foreest on learning chess in school

People impacted by the support of ChessKid.
Youths impacted by the opportunities and support of ChessKid, including our grant and scholarship program and amazing partnerships: Chess in Slums and the Levy Rozman Scholarship Fund, to name a few.

"Chess makes a difference."

Let's grow chess together! Start your journey here on

Watch Live

  • Tune in to the ChessKid Cup live stream event on May 22-26, 2023, at 8 a.m. PT on