The Philosophy of Isolation Pawns in the Game of Chess

The Philosophy of Isolation Pawns in the Game of Chess

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In society, where many people gather, we can see several types of people, there are those who stand out, flamboyant, handsome, full of jokes and liked by the environment. Most are casual, adaptable and enjoy the atmosphere.

But not infrequently we also find people who are isolated alone, lonely in the crowd, not familiar with anyone and not familiar with anyone.

This is really difficult to understand, because as we know that humans are social creatures, but these people are cut off from their social ties.

I was reminded of the chess theory of the "isolated pawn" and tried to relate this phenomenon in contemplation. Theoretically an "isolation pawn" is different from a "backward pawn" even though they both have the potential to be a building's weak point.

Isolation pieces can occur due to being forced into isolation by the opponent, but often also due to negligence in positioning. People who are isolated from society as a form of social punishment are usually the result of bad character that is detrimental and disliked by many people, for example criminals, likes to gossip, is selfish, shameless and wants to win alone or people who have always been a trouble maker. It must not be entirely true, but I imagine this is similar to a piece being deliberately isolated by the opponent.

Isolated people do not always come from groups of poor socioeconomic status, some of whom even deliberately isolate themselves in association with the general public around them, because they feel "more" than other people.

This phenomenon is certainly not foreign, we see people imprisoning themselves with status, busy maintaining an image, full of pretense, and very selective in choosing friends and conversations.

If we are not careful to guard our souls, indeed we will all easily get caught up in being arrogant even when we are still nothing. This trait is maintained by its adherents for various reasons that are strange and incomprehensible to us.

Honestly, I'm always amused to see this kind of character, because based on experience, I know that this mentality is usually "stomping down and licking up."

As I write this, my heart suddenly feels gloomy, sad, I remember longing for my friend, Edhi . I know him very well, I really appreciate Edhi, especially because of his honest and candid nature. One day when he was young, he told me that he didn't want to have double characters in life (I believe Edhi has also said this to other friends, because this is his main philosophy of life.). Edhi has preceded us, we all will of course always pray for him.

Returning to the isolation pieces, I then remembered the technique of hunting lions or other group beasts, where the main strategy is to observe and then separate the weakest target from the group, corner and eventually prey on it.

Therefore, whatever the reason, don't want to be a pawn of isolation, don't allow yourself to be isolated from the environment. Maybe we are not great and flamboyant people, just simple and ordinary people who can adapt to all environments, but that's very good because that's just how we are.