Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Huebner, 1982

Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Huebner, 1982

NM SamCopeland

Anatoly Karpov rarely entered full-on "Tal-mode," but in this magnificent attack against the German grandmaster, Robert Huebner, he does just that! An extremely speculative bishop sacrifice on g7 leads to extreme pressure, but accurate and creative defense from Huebner could have held the balance.

Watch as Karpov conducts this attack with a unique mix of prophylaxis, development, and a willingness to exchange queens and continue the assault in the endgame. The final position is particularly pretty!

This game received the best-game prize from Informant, but it's been somewhat overlooked today because of the defensive resources engines point out today. Don't let that hinder your enjoyment though and try to imagine what it would have been like to defend in Huebner's position!

I've annotated this game below in further depth. Check out some of the more complicated variations I've omitted from the video for a fuller picture of the game.

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