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Learn chess strategy this helps you to avoid making the same mistakes in every game you play. The chess tips on my website help you to improve your strategy and finally start winning. To get better you need mental discipline, patience and knowledge. To demonstrate my point play against this chess program below. You will find that you have no chance, because as a beginner or home player you don't follow any guidelines and probably play the first move that comes to your mind, which is not the best approach.


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As a beginner you should play many different opening systems as this will expose your mind to positions of various kinds. If you stick to one opening approach it will force your mind into a fixed way of thinking.

Chess is not a fixed approach, but far too complex and rich in possibilities to play just one opening system with White. You will narrow down your chess experience to a fixed perspective as you avoid other structures of opening play.


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To understand "the truth" in Chess you should vary your chess experience. What I mean is, don't play the same chess openings for the rest of your life. Especially if you play inferior opening moves all the time, you will lose points in the long run. This is proven by game statistics, as you cannot possibly be as successful with inferior opening setups.


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Use X-Ray-Vision in Chess


When you analyze your chess game it is sometimes hard to see all chess combinations that are hidden within a particular position.


If you miss a hidden trap of your opponent, then you lose instantly a piece or a pawn or even worse, you might get checkmated. Or you miss a strong combination which would have won the game for you right away.


For that reason, it is a big help, if you use X-Ray-Vision in your chess games.


To apply X-Ray-Vision in chess means, that you never look at the chess pieces, but to their energy lines. If you see a knight then you visualize the squares in your mind that are controlled by this knight. But you never look at the square, where the knight is placed itself, because this square is not controlled by the knight! It just sits on it, that's all.


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If you use X-Ray-Vision here as White, you might find this difficult winning move. Re8+!! This move wins the queen and the game, as White has more material and the better position. The king in the middle will come under strong attack. 1.Re8+! KxR (the knight is pinned and can't capture!) Now 2.Bb5+ c6 3.QxQ and White wins the queen and sooner or later the game. (Budovskis, Inesis - Atars, Pablo, 1970) White moves and plays 1.Nxd5! cxd 2.QxB! Great isn'it? (Bobby Fischer - Predrag Ostojic 1970)


X-Ray Vision does help you to discover hidden moves and prevent that you are running around mentally searching like a blind duck. Try it in your next games.


The first Thought - This is the most important of all chess tips.


After your opponent has moved, what do you think first? Many people think they are the center of the earth and that planet earth is evolving around them. They only think about themselves and in which way they can overrun the opponent. The opponent simply doesn't exist in their minds and they only worry about their own moves and plans.


Some players might even think how great they are and that they are going to win just because they have the higher rating. This arrogant attitude will be punished in a chess game in no time at all.


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If you think first about yourself and your own moves and possibilities, after your opponent has moved, then it is time to change this way of thinking completely, or you will never become a good player. You are going to lose many games just because of your attitude. Learn from the following chess tips.

After he has made his move, the right way to think is:

What is he threatening? What does he want? How can I stop his plans or at least reduce their effects on my position.


Make sure that you work out his plans or you might get into real trouble. He might threaten a fork and you see nothing or he plans a sacrifice that would destroy your kingside.


When you understand the move of your opponent completely, then you can think about your own moves and ideas.


Remember, you are not the boss in chess. What I mean is that your opponent is very important too. The game is not just evolving around you. If you just think about your own moves in a game you run right into a disaster.


Be a Fighter


Fight on move after move and don't play only half-hearted when you are in a bad position. If you lose heart you don't see your saving moves because your mental abilities are reduced. If you fight on, your opponent might make a mistake because he does not expect such hard resistance. In the long run such an attitude will save half a point here and there. Instead of losing, you might make a draw or even win, because he gets tired and makes a blunder.


Don't get into Time-Trouble as this will get on your nerves and paralyzes your mind.


If you are one of those players that get into time trouble on a regular basis then you should get this problem under control. Prepare your openings well and play the first 10 to 12 moves in just a few minutes.


Time trouble is like a disease for some players. They just can't control it. There are psychological reasons for getting repeatedly into time trouble in tournament games.


  • You have a strong opponent.


This makes you think twice about every move he does and you check constantly everything that happens on the board. You see dangers where there is nothing at all. You have hallucinations. Your mind is blocked by fear. You can't think properly. Because of that you rethink variations over and over to make sure that you have not overlooked something. This all costs time. Relax and forget about the opponent. It's just a game, you don't lose your life when you lose.


Just play your usual game. What can happen? Nothing much, you just might lose a game of chess, that's all. Your life is not dependent on that game. If you keep that in mind you stay relaxed and play well.


  • The position of the game is not after your taste.


You don't like this variation at all or this whole setup. You don't understand the position and can't find a plan. This makes you think longer. Tell yourself mentally that this position is fascinating and that you love to find good moves.


  • You are sad about missed opportunities in this game.


You constantly think about it. This cost time and nerves and clouds your thinking. Tell yourself that you consider this game from now on as a completely new game and that what has happened a few moves before is not important anymore. You are going to play well from now on.


  • Don't waste all your time trying to find the best move.


You might never find it and lose on time. Imagine how much time and energy you would need if you try to find the best move every time it's your move.


If you see a good move, check it and have a look around if there is a better one. If not, just move and then think on your opponents time.

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