Chess is Life (Part 2)

Chess is Life (Part 2)

Mar 3, 2008, 10:21 PM |

Analyze Your Moves


As I have mentioned before, I am new and very raw at chess. I often make mistakes, mostly because I am not analyzing my opponent’s moves. I am too stuck I my own strategy, thinking I am in control. Then.....BAM! I am in checkmate.


 I look back at the game and I am paying no attention to what my opponents setting up. I am all caught up in my own world, I think I am a master and this chump will bow to me! Then I look like a fool, I am the chump!


The tough part is reading the board. Looking at what my opponent is doing and reacting. All the while I need to continue to readjust my strategy. The people on the site who are trying to help me say that I should try to visualize my opponents move three moves ahead. It sounds easy…. But I have a hard time figuring out what is going on in real time, yet alone 3 moves down the line.


I am pretty sure that there are many on the site that use a chess engine to make their moves, to me that is unfair, but if that is how they want to play, so be it.


Many times when we start something we want to become masters at it without any work involved. We make decisions without thinking it through and what the outcome or consequence of the decision may be. We make the decision without analysis of the issue and it comes back to bite us. BAM…. Checkmate!


Important decisions in life need to be made by weighing all of the options, looking ahead and predicting what the outcome will be. Knowing when to see the obstacles ahead of time before they surprise you, you may not be able to avoid them, but you will be able to deal with them better if you are expecting them.


Times in life you want to take the easy way out, get someone or something to do the work for you, many people opt to take this route. It may lead to you being successful, but isn’t success much better if you do it yourself? Even if it takes you a really long time?