Why I stopped playing Scandinavian 2... Nf6

Mar 19, 2012, 12:50 PM |

In this post, I will write lines, which made me choose some other opening as black in respond to 1. e4.

My choise was a modern Scandinavian variation, which has the name of Scandinavian - Marshall Variation, but is better known as Scandinavian Nf6.


What's black plan?
Black, instead of capturing the pawn with the queen, will want to capture it with the knight, avoiding loss of tempo by 3. Nc3, which was proved not to be bad for black. The problem with the knight move is that the knight can be chased off the board easily, and is, in most cases, taken out of the game in the very beginning. 
So why would black play this move?
The most sound answers to such move, would be not to hold on to the extra pawn by playing 3. c4, but instead play 3. d4, or to avoid the almost refuted portuguese variation, play 3. Nf3
There are more interesting moves such as modern answer to modern Scandinavian - 3. Bb5+, but this will not be taken in consideration just for now.
What happens if white plays 3. c4 ?

Now, as we clarified, that white is best not to play 3. c4, what makes white better in this opening?
I won't have all my problems with this black opening covered in this post, but as a beginner player, I will always want positions, where I have initiative, or at least, am equal.
This is not well-analyzed variation, so there is still hope, that one day, some master will find some move, or idea, which revolutionises this line, and it will be safe and sound to play this modern variation.