Never-Ending Infinite Sandbox Game! 14/15 Players



The player cap is 15 people. Anyone can join! This is a large, never-ending game of Chess on an Infinite Plane with a huge variety of pieces from Infinite Chess, Bulldog Chess, etc.. Each player is a different color. The game never ends so your goal is to try to be the strongest, to grow your army, and take down your opponents! Everyone's moves are accounted for at the same time interval in the game, so there's no waiting for turn-taking 😊 The minimum board update time is 1 day, but averages every few days.

To view the latest board, look for the latest comment with this marked at the top:

---=======--- Game Board Update #XX ---=======---

then scroll down to the bottom of the comment and click on the link "View XX Board Photos". You can also find the leaderboard in the same comment.

Losing your king is not instant elimination, but it does hurt. It punishes you in the form of lost health, health which your king generates slowly over time, and health you can gain from rewards for capturing enemy pieces. You can grow your army by expending health to generate new pieces on the board, and by promoting pawns. If you fall below 0 health then your army will start disintegrating giving you health until you reach positive health again, run out of pieces and you're eliminated, and have the option to re-join the game. There is also a new fun event triggered every 7 updates that lasts for 14 updates (inspired from Martin0's "Event Chess"). 

To join this game, a spot needs to be opened up, and you must be 1st in queue. Request to join the queue on this thread. Once you are secured a spot, I will message you telling you you can join and you will have 3 days to join before your spot may be given to someone else. You first must pick a color from the available colors below. Your joining move must be the placement your king. You will not be able to change your color without first dying and re-joining so choose wisely!

Players in queue:



Complete Page of Rules is here.

Link to official game club where we submit moves, talk about game rules, etc..

Link to all existing events and their rules.

Link to loads of position examples and conditional examples (slightly outdated).

Small amount of all possible colors-null

Link to All Possible Colors Here!

Players in the game and what color army they have-

Purple @HolographWars

Ocean Blue - @Bad_Dobby_Fischer

Blue @balashukla0761

Sky Blue / Cyan @aidanB1

Olive Green - @winston_weng

Green - @hitthepin

Yellow - @HorribleTomato

Orange - @Naviary

Red @JamesAgaDir

Crimson Red - @The_Werewolf_3125

Fuchsia / Pink @eswaff

White - (open)

Black @Angel9505

Brown @rychessmaster1

---=======--- STATISTICS ---=======---

Graph showing how the board is progressing.

@Naviary days been king: 60

@hitthepin days been king: 5

Records for GREATEST army sizes (tracking top 3):

1. Naviary with a 158.5-Point army.

2. winston with a 146-Point army.

3. Fischer with a 141-Point army.


Who will rise to power first? And will they be overthrown?


Very First Board (completely blank)! First update will happen in about 23-24 hours time!null


My joining move will be +P(0,0) !


And I choose Orange to be my ULTIMATE army color!


Can we add some more bulldog pieces please? I choose sky blue and put my pawn on +p(0,10)


Yes, I will get to adding more pieces auk happy.png And be careful, your move is illegal, pawns are only allowed to be place at rank 0 or below cause they promote at rank 6+ right now.


I'm sprry I meant +p(10,0) I am still getting that mixed up...


Purple. +P (500,0)


It's ok, I probably would have assumed you got them backwards & meant (10,0) anyway tongue.png

Oh fine. I shouldn't, but i am. +P(5,0) purple
Oops. I guess green. I was looking at an older version. Shucks

Sorry Waredude.😎


It seems everyone except SuperSam likes to space their pawn 5 tiles away from any neighbors xD

Except for white. He placed his on me

He didn't...


How in the world did i not see the minus? Facepalm


P(5, 0)

I'M RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrickzhou wrote: