Never-Ending Infinite Sandbox Game! 14/14 PLAYERS



This is THE never-ending chess game! It is a hybrid of Infinite, Multiplayer, Bulldog, Musketeer, Events, Nukes, and more! Anyone can join at anytime if a space is available! The player limit is 14 people! Players in queue:

1. @JamesAgaDir (8/13/18) #859

2. @friedmelon (8/14/18) #903


Here are the rules:

Approximately once every 24 hours (currently atleast 23+ hours) the game board will receive an update. Upon the update, every player that made a move since the last update will have their move accounted for. This means everyone moves at the same time (more on this further). If you accidentally made an illegal move, then unless the move you meant to make is obvious, then that update your move will not be accounted for. You are allowed to fix or change your move before the next game board update.


Each player has an energy bar. After every game board update each player will gain 1 additional energy point! You can gain energy points faster by capturing enemy pieces- for every enemy piece you capture you gain exactly half that piece's worth in energy points (even half-points)! Energy points can be spent to place additional pieces on the board (piece list below), more powerful pieces costing more energy! Placing a piece on the board absorbs your move, you may place a piece ANYWHERE on the vastness of infinity, EXCEPT pawns which you are limited to y level 0 or below. Currently pawns are allowed to promote at y level 6! But for promotion to the angel, barrier, or the dragon worth 15+ points you must get to level 8. The notation to expend energy points to add a piece to the board is like this: To place a knight on (20,5) you do +N(20,5), notice the + sign before the N. You are not allowed to place new pieces on ANY existing pieces, doesn't matter friend or foe!


To join this game a spot needs to be opened up, and you must be 1st in queue. Once your guaranteed a spot, all you have to do is first, choose an available color (colors below), and place a pawn on the board anywhere on y level 0 or below! Pawns are NOT allowed to move 2 spaces their first move (it would be difficult to keep track of that) You will start with 1 energy point, and gain 1 per day (even if you don't move). But upon death (losing all your pieces) you will lose all your energy points and have the option to rejoin the game! You won't be able to change your color without first dying and re-spawning so choose wisely! Upon the event a player decides to withdraw from the game for whatever reason, all their pieces will vanish into thin air!


This game does not stop for players stalling to move. If you don't check in any time before the next game board update, then gameplay will continue without your move!


There will be a huge range of available pieces, including ones from bulldog and musketeer! There is also a leaderboard (very bottom of this post), the leaderboard currently states each players total time in days that you have been the KING of the game! You are considered the king if you have the strongest army! (To calculate if you are the strongest, each piece's point worth is taken into account)


Moving at the same time means it's possible to dodge captures, making it very hard to attempt a capture without wasting your move. So you do have the ability to include certain conditionals only when you attempt to make a capture... So let's say your preferred move is to capture an enemy piece, but you don't know if they're going to move out of the way and you don't want to waste your move... What you would do is enter your preferred capturing move, and include a conditional along with your next preferred move that, if the capture is prevented because the target piece moved, your next preferred move is instead taken into account (thus your move is not wasted!). However, adding conditionals to your move is only allowed if your preferred move is a capture. There are some examples of correct and illegal conditionals located here.


If multiple pieces move to the same square the same time, then they will all occupy it simultaneously, BUT if they don't all move out by the next game board update, any piece remaining will be annihilated (even if there's only 1 piece left)!


If you threaten to capture an enemy piece, that piece will get one chance to dodge/move out of the way next update. If they do not move out of check, or they move to a different square that is still in check, then they will be glued in place for 1 move so the attacker will get a chance to make the capture. If the attacker chooses not to make the capture, then the threatened piece will be un-glued and free to move again next turn!


The glue timer can be reset by re-threatening the enemy piece by moving the attacker to another square that threatens the piece. Moving the attacker at any time will reset the glue timer, giving the enemy another chance to move out of the way. Even if the attacker moves to a square still threatening the piece, the piece will still receive another chance to move out of the way to not be glued for 1 turn.


The same story goes for moving a piece to a square covered/defended by an opponent. If you move a piece to a square covered by an enemy, your piece will be glued for 1 turn giving the opponent a chance to capture you. If they choose not to capture you, your piece will be un-glued next turn and free to move again! However, if you capture a defended piece at the same time the defender moves out of range, then your piece will not be glued next turn.


Capturing an un-defended piece at the same time it is defended shouldn't come at the expense of the capturer. How could they be expected to predict if the piece will be defended or not? If you capture an un-defended piece at the same time it is defended (or you move to an exposed square at the same time it is covered) you will not be immobilized and have the chance to escape! ...So pieces will have to be pre-defended, or they'll have to resort to dodging!


After every week's time (7 game board updates), a new random event will be triggered from this list! Each event will last for precisely 2 weeks (or 14 moves). So 2 events will always be active at one time (except at the beginning). Once an event has been activated, the same event cannot be activated again for at least another 3 weeks (21 updates)!


All rules are subject to change, this game is constantly morphing and updating to make gameplay more fun.


Colors to choose from---null

Here's are the colors' names and if they are already taken:

Purple - @SuperSam1

Ocean Blue - @Bad_Dobby_Fischer

Blue - @HolographWars

Sky Blue / Cyan - @thegreatauk

Olive Green - @winston_weng

Green - @hitthepin

Yellow - @Raineybear

Orange - @Naviary

Red - @rychessmaster1

Crimson Red - @Waredude

Fuchsia / Pink @eswaff

White - @Derrickzhou

Black - @HorusTheThird

Brown - @condude2


---=======--- PIECE LIST and COST ---=======---

Musketeer pieces rules can be found here. Bulldog pieces rules can be found hereBy all means you can make suggestions to change these values and add pieces!

Pawn (P) - 1

Knight (N) - 3

Guard (G) - 4

Hunter (Ht) - 4

Bishop (B) - 5

King (K) - 5 (because some events can utilize the king) You are limited to 1 king on the board.

Hawk (H) - 5

Unicorn (U) - 5

Leopard (L) - 5

Elephant (E) - 5

Zombie (Z) - 5

Cannon (C) - 5

Spirit (S) - 6 Spirits do have the ability do exit pieces they're possessing. And cannot capture enemy pieces if they're alone. If a player's army consists of only spirits then they will become capturable.

Fortress (F) - 7

Rook (R) - 7

Witch (W) - 7

Archbishop (Ab) - 8

Spider (Sp) - 8

Chancellor (Ch) - 10

Time Thief (Tt) - 12

Dwarf (D) - 12

Paint Can - 12 --- Must be immediately added to an existing nuke to turn it into a paint-nuke!

Queen (Q) - 13

Angel (A) - 15 Angels do not provide immunity to other angels.

Barrier (Bar) - 15

Dragon (Dr) - 17


---=======--- LEADERBOARD ---=======---

@HorusTheThird is currently KING with a 28-Point army!!


@HorusTheThird days been king: 1

@hitthepin days been king: 3

@HolographWars days been king: 2

@SuperSam1 days been king: 1

@Derrickzhou days been king: 1

@rychessmaster1 days been king: 1


Who will rise to power first? And will they be overthrown?


Very First Board (completely blank)! First update will happen in about 23-24 hours time!null


My joining move will be +P(0,0) !


And I choose Orange to be my ULTIMATE army color!


Can we add some more bulldog pieces please? I choose sky blue and put my pawn on +p(0,10)


Yes, I will get to adding more pieces auk happy.png And be careful, your move is illegal, pawns are only allowed to be place at rank 0 or below cause they promote at rank 6+ right now.


I'm sprry I meant +p(10,0) I am still getting that mixed up...


Purple. +P (500,0)


It's ok, I probably would have assumed you got them backwards & meant (10,0) anyway tongue.png

Oh fine. I shouldn't, but i am. +P(5,0) purple
Oops. I guess green. I was looking at an older version. Shucks

Sorry Waredude.😎


It seems everyone except SuperSam likes to space their pawn 5 tiles away from any neighbors xD

Except for white. He placed his on me

He didn't...


How in the world did i not see the minus? Facepalm


P(5, 0)

I'M RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrickzhou wrote: