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Great Example of Racist Language

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    I thought I would share some racist language that was spewed at me after my opponent lost. My feeling is, if you are OK writing stuff like this then I should have the right to post it for the world to see. My favorite part is how he got around the chess.com filters by slightly misspelling the words. He is a true expert in hate speech! Enjoy!

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    what a facker. 

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    Ignore him. He don't even spel worth s#it!

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    TheMouse wrote:

    btw, Niger is a country in Africa, and fack is a non-offensive word. 

    you're a dork.  let me guess, kkk is the guys initials and he was just signing his geography lesson?

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    "*gasp* I'm so offended by these horrible words! I must post them in a public forum!"

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    Racists are never funny. They are pathetic. I thank BigNose for posting this exactly as he did. If you write that tripe then you should expect everyone to see it. Hopefully, somebody knows this guy in real life. He deserves to get "tuned up."

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    Thanks 1pawndown. I've had lots of people curse and swear at me because I happen to beat them in a game of chess, but this was different. I'm not black but he did not know that. The fact that anyone could write such hate over something so stupid as a game of 1 minute chess is amazing to me and I think is worth sharing with others.

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    TheMouse wrote:

    btw, Niger is a country in Africa, and fack is a non-offensive word. 

    You mean you don't know what he actually meant!?

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    I personally think that you should have posted this in the 'chess.com community" category.

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    ITT: roody-poos

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    maybe it wasn't about the trivial bullet game at all. maybe he thought you were someone who had done something horrible to him in real life. although even this was the case, his "hate speech" was ridiculous and kind of lame.

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    LOL, such small and useless people actually amuse me slightly.  Thanks for sharing.


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