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Is it ok to do drugs during a chess game?

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    I like to do cocaine and smoke some weed, I've done this in online chess and I played better. Am i allowed to do this in OTB tournaments?

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    Are you serious?

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    of course!Smokes like Tal,Plays like Tal!

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    Jackattack57 wrote:

    Are you serious?


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    Sure! And don't forget to bring some crack too.

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    Here in the great state of Oregon, it's perfectly legal to toke up in a private setting during a game, you may have heard about the ballot measure we voters passed awhile back.  I can't see this helping the speed of your moves during a blitz game.  Nose candy is still right out.  There was a guy in my youth scholastic chess club 50 years ago who on several occasions dropped acid before a tournament game, and he still maintained a higher USCF rating than I had, go figure.   

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    .. Well, 'doing drugs'; Does perform an economic function, in our society ... If, Not as efficently, as 'spending' $$ ; On 'constructive' needs, that aren't presently, being addressed !


    More 'housing'; For our 'rental' oriented life-style ; Comes to mind !



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    Stay away from drinking Brass Monkey while playing.  Especially in high altitudes like Denver.

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    While it's a privilege to post and expresses one's thoughts and opinions, we need to be mindful of encouraging such action since there are minors/young people who are reading this post.

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    As long as you snort your lines off a hooker's ass and not straight off the board.

    The latter is just rude.

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    9/10 on the entertainment scale...

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    Are you stupid? - Snorting a line of cocaine is illegal so why do you suppose it would be allowed in chess tournaments? 

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    Yeah but it's really cool.

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    Welcome to today's edition of Geometry Corner with your host, oregonpatzer.  You are looking at a chessboard where the squares have sides of unit length.  You have just chopped a perfectly straight line of Bolivian Marching Powder from the center of a1 to the center of h8.  How long is that line?

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    ^^ That's what I'm talking about

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    Looks like (hot) Turkish tea.
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