22 pri 2022
May 6, 2022
The club for players at chess.com who would like to practice and feel the atmosphere of the Classical 90m+30s time control game. You can negotiate with each other members for the agreed time to play. We might organize the online tourney, either Swiss system / Single Round Robin / Double Round Robin.
Swiss 90m+30s Round-3 (Nov 16 - Nov 30) pairing has been sent

Swiss 90m+30s Round-3 (Nov 16 - Nov 30) pairing has bee...

fhunfi | 14 nën 2022
Swiss 90m+30s Round-3 (Nov 16 - Nov 30) pairing & standing has been sent. Link:https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/2nd-cycle-of-swiss-open-90m-30s-1-rd-every-2-weeks-start-on-oct-16-new-tourney   Have a fun tourney everyone ! Best Regards,Chien (fhunfi) **************************************************************************************************You received this message because you are member of 90m30s club : www.chess.com/club/90m-30s    If you don't participate in this current S...