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17 nën 2020
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Jul 12, 2022
wow people exist here too... i found life
Jul 5, 2022
Thank you Sahil Tickoo sir, your London system got me my first brilliancy!!!
May 16, 2022
@El-TRIGED exam chalre hain bohot logon ke isliye shayad kuch na hua.
May 16, 2022
Ek mahine se zyada hogaya ... par kuch na hua
followed your commentary in chess24 for , very professional :)
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The London System Course

The London System Course

NM CrazyMartian | 22 nën 2021
The NEW London System Course has been released. A complete repertoire for White centered around the London. Attack your opponent will keeping a solid structure. Go grab it!
2nd Channel

2nd Channel

NM CrazyMartian | 31 tet 2021
Yo Guys, I have recently started a 2nd channel for instructive videos on openings, analysis of current games and for fanboying on Anish Giri and Nihal Sarin  Do Subscribe and checkout the videos if it suits your style (of course it does )